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Drift Trikes

1.87 MB, 3 years ago, 29 downloads, 134 views, by NightHawk

This addon pack adds three Drift Trike physics vehicles into your game. No, I repeat, they are NOT bot vehicles. It's best recommended to use mouse steering, and untick "Steering Auto Return" in the controls tab.

In game they're known as "Drift Trike", which is based off ColinFurze's 4-stroke Pitbike engine build, "Drift Trike - Turbo", based off CarsandCamera's TURBOCHARGED Predator 420cc engine build, and my personal Drift Trike, with a Stage 1 Predator 212cc Engine, "Drift Trike - Author"

I would recommend starting with the default variant so you can get a feeling of how they handle. When you're ready for a greater challenge, head for the Turbo and my Trike.

Version 3.0.0 (2022-07-26 02:48:08)

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