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You can view the formatted master server list here.
A bolded server means that it is dedicated, orange means passworded and blue means full.

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Admin Server Name Players
Fastmapler dev 6/8
Inco feet cinema 2 1/10
Cat123 [NA] Grapple Knife 0/24
Cat123 [EU] Grapple Knife 0/24
Pecon Age of Dungeons [EU] 0/15
Inco Stargate 0/24
Oxy dink my oiter 0/24
Badspot Badspot's SpeedKart 0/20
BCS Scrims 930 Stadium 0/50
Trogtor Floating City Memories 0/30
DAProgs UMX X.1.5 Server 0/20
Elega RP/I Astrum 0/15
Inco feet haven unoptimized 0/10
Queuenard Speedkart Remastered 0/99
Pecon Age of Dungeons [US-E] 0/15
Speedkart Club Speedkart Club Server 0/20
patyos Rising Lava !!! 0/30
Redo Blockland Server 0/16
The Brighter Dark BlockOps: Zombies 0/8
Macstr0yer skyboardmining v1.101 0/24
Honor HonorMining 0/32
Queuenard minesweeper 0/256
DAProgs RTS Dev Server 0/12
Gautier Quest Weaver (Debug) 0/8
Inco The Fetish Gallery 0/24

Right now, there are a total of 7 players spread across 25 server(s).

Information accurate as of 2024-05-29 08:55:02.