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You can view the formatted master server list here, hovering over a server will display that server's IP:Port.
A bolded server means that it is dedicated, orange means passworded and blue means full.

You can click on a server to view extended information on it.

Name Players
Conan's Farming -OPEN-12
Mango 2's Formula One Monaco Dev.5
Zombie¹'s Freebilud4
Skyboard's hi3
Velor's MERP Making3
Servo2's CityRPG3
drfuzzyworm's random bui3
Tropicalowen2's weenis2
Boss Battles' Server2
Slyshi's Rotorium2
Endy1's Train RP [WIP]2
AlphaWolf18's RPG Server1
Immensity's Pirate DM1
Starkya's WIP1
Hologlaxer's Nazi Zombies [ALPHA]1
Lake's Unlimited Mining1
FlavouredGames' Floating Freebuild1
08omegatrooper's Freebu1
SaverSurfers' Medieval Roleplay1
Swollow's xxxxasdasd1
TGB's Bucket 2.01
Kohoutek's maonswoih1
[iPhone]'s CityRPG Dev0
Lake's CityRPG (This summer)0
Squatch's Deathrun OPEN0
SaverSurfers' Despair Fever0
Jasa's crp2.net0
Deokotaru's Evening Camping0
Cat123's Grapple Knife TDM0
DAProgs' City FreeBuild0
SaverSurfers' Despair Fever0
Hologlaxer's Trench Zombies 20
TheBlackParrot's The Button0
Badspot's SpeedKart0
The Brighter Dark²'s Private Server0
Speedkart Club's Server0
Conor's Endless Zombies0
Ze Operator's Strife! Beta0
Blockbyte's no minecraft0
LegoPeppers' Server0
[iPhone]'s CityRPG0
DAProgs' UMX X.1.5 Server0
Conor's Sniper TDM {Textures}{M0
Official New Years' 2020 WE BACK!!!!!!!!!!0
Grimlock's Nigeran dogfight0
Captain VM Servers' FS Freebuild!0
falling damage's Base Raiders!0
DAProgs' Test Server - reboot al0
Skill4Life's Pirate Adventure0
Σ = 49Σ = 52