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A bolded server means that it is dedicated, orange means passworded and blue means full.

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Admin Server Name Players
Skyboard boss battle in nutshell 11/21
Pyxl_ speedkart track making 2/15
Cat123 Grapple Knife TDM 1/24
Gautier Server 1/24
Doppler Elega Interlude [MERP] 1/25
Servo2 **** BRICKCOUNT 1/6
Mister Mister server 1/3
AlexK epic video games 1/30
EvilMasked fortnite amogus rp flig 1/2
Pecon AoD v1.2! [EU-NL] 0/10
The Brighter Dark Server 0/5
Pecon AoD v1.2! [US-E] 0/15
Bird159 DEV! 0/16
Badspot Badspot's SpeedKart 0/20
DAProgs City FreeBuild 0/20
Sauce Mini Freebuild 0/8
Pecon AoD v1.2! [AU] 0/10
REALTimothy0812 That Server 0/8
DAProgs UMX X.1.5 Server 0/26
Lake Unlimited Mining 0/32
patyos Bot Wars TDM 0/18
BCS ASC21 - ARM vs TRO 0/45
Conan aod dev 0/10
Kyle! Ramp Knife 0/40
The Brighter Dark Randomizer v4 0/16
BCS Scrims 0/40
Sable Medieval Roleplay 0/40
Speedkart Club Speedkart Club 0/20
Gunny dev 0/10

Right now, there are a total of 20 players spread across 29 server(s).