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You can view the formatted master server list here, hovering over a server will display that server's IP:Port.
A bolded server means that it is dedicated, orange means passworded and blue means full.

You can click on a server to view extended information on it.

Name Players
Cat123's Grapple Knife TDM12
Patrick & Blockz's Future MERP12
Blockhead31735's slightly gta [0.6]7
Trooper's mr hands reenaction7
Dark Blockland Guard 2's ZAPT:R - [OBJ]5
Lognes' BigFat5
Elega's MERP4
theninjakiller20's server!2
Gautier's Server2
Elm's basketball 2.02
Sanctus Rem's 1v1s1
SaverSurfers' Medieval Roleplay [No A1
Kong123's Deathrace v8-Beta1
Taus' Stupidities1
TheHellSpy's Dimensions62-711
Skill4Life's Pirate Adventure0
Badspot's SpeedKart0
infinite deditasm's Unlimited Mining0
Cat123's Building0
Conan's dev0
Trinick's HPRC Memorial Server0
The Brighter Dark²'s Randomizer (v4)0
WALDO's American Football0
FlavouredGames' freebuild0
Electrk's test0
CityRPG 4's Development0
Scenery's BATTLEMIX0
cellpower's Super Creeper0
SaverSurfers' Despair Fever [No Admin0
TheBlackParrot's The Button0
DAProgs' City FreeBuild0
DAProgs' Test Server - reboot al0
cellpower's Unlimited Mining0
FlavouredGames' Honormining0
The Brighter Dark²'s Minigolf Extravaganza0
TheBlackParrot's Minesweeper0
Sargeras' ok0
TheBlackParrot's [r32] Crumbling Arena0
patyos' Rising Lava ! ! !0
Σ = 40Σ = 63