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You can view the formatted master server list here, hovering over a server will display that server's IP:Port.
A bolded server means that it is dedicated, orange means passworded and blue means full.

You can click on a server to view extended information on it.

Name Players
Boss Battles' server11
Servo2's City RPG9
Cat123's Grapple Knife TDM9
Stress' Dumb ****3
patyos' Despair Syndrome !3
BottledEarwax's Solar Apocalypse2
Swipes' BlockyRust. [WIP]2
Gold****' mini empires2
Insanity*'s Freebuild1
Sargeras' Blockland Server1
Lake's Unlimited Mining1
Tranny's 21 pilots *** roleplay1
bladerunner's Molchat Doma1
Chewy's working on secrets dont1
theninjakiller19's Server1
Iquor's -1
SaverSurfers' Medieval Roleplay [No A1
DAProgs' City FreeBuild1
Agent Red's Deathrun: v2.3.21
Hologlaxer's Nazi Zombies [OPEN]0
The Brighter Dark²'s Private Server0
FlavouredGames' Development0
SaverSurfers' DOGFIGHT [Ocean Isles]0
Blockbyte's SLOPES CTF (WIP)0
The Brighter Dark²'s Private Construction0
Badspot's SpeedKart0
Puff Ball's Randomizer DM0
Rose The Floran's *clickbait*0
Ze Operator's Strife! Beta0
New Year's RELEASE 20180
DAProgs' Test Server - reboot al0
Skill4Life's Pirate Adventure0
Official New Years' DIDN'T SAVE FINE FARTS0
SaverSurfers' Despair Fever [No Admin0
Speedkart Club's Server0
Sykken's UnOrdinary CityRP WIP0
CityRPG 4's Coming sooner0
TheBlackParrot's The Button0
Σ = 38Σ = 52