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You can view the formatted master server list here.
A bolded server means that it is dedicated, orange means passworded and blue means full.

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Admin Server Name Players
Conan Farming 2.1 4/42
Tekari It's not over. 1/8
Pecon Age of Dungeons [US-E] 0/15
Elega Ch.8 - Isles of Astrum 0/8
Renderman2 Bajookieland 0/10
BCS Soccer Scrims 0/50
Cat123 [EU] Grapple Knife 0/24
DAProgs UMX X.1.5 Server 0/20
DAProgs UMX X.2.0 Server 0/26
DAProgs Test Server 0/12
Cat123 [NA] Grapple Knife 0/24
BCS Dev 0/50
Eagle517 Blockland Server 0/16
Kyle! Knifing 0/40
Kyle! Dusk 0/33
patyos Rising Lava !!! 0/20
Sauce WIPRPG 0/6
Inco feet i2b 0/10
Inco renderman survival 0/24
Badspot Badspot's SpeedKart 0/20
Inco fetish kingdom 0/10
Gautier Development 0/16
Pecon Age of Dungeons [EU] 0/15
Speedkart Club Speedkart Club Server 0/20
The Brighter Dark Blockops Dev 0/5

Right now, there are a total of 5 players spread across 25 server(s).

Information accurate as of 2023-03-21 08:00:01.