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16 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by Space Guy

This adds a Shield that automatically attaches to the Sword when it is used. Using the Sword is like normal, but being shot when not attacking in the front torso will reflect the attack back where you are aiming with a sound and recoil. Comes with a "reflected" death CI compatible with the Push Broom Reflector's one. Includes a "sword raised" and "shield raised" animation visible in third person. This does not modify your original sword, so if you've made it fire rockets or whatever that will still work.

You can also pick up a new item, the Riot Shield, that fully protects your torso and cancels falling damage if you face the direction correctly. You can't use weapons with it out in front of you, de-equipping it will place it on your back where it absorbs some damage rather than all. Firing with it performs a low-damage 'bash' that knocks players back but exposing you to damage.

Shields can also stop damage from other sources such as hit-scan weapons and Iban's Zombies.

Riot Shield model by Jervan.

Awesome always wanted this.
I tested this on his server Right fun i shot arrow\'s at him and it bounced back and killed me!
Evo Chief
Dang I was already making this with my model.
Mine almost drops to the floor, its massive and it protects your entire front. It has a spot you can see out of, but thats the only spot you can die. From the front that is.

Still you did a good job.
if i made a model good enough for this will you use it? please reply
I remember this in V8!
Except when you used the sword, You\'d have to type /sheild
At least i think, Its been awhile.
Justin K.
all i can say is wow
Sweet man!
you can barely use the shield in a picture. Please just post a pic of just holding it.
Ive used it AND this is a great mod, the chest only protection kinda sucks at times, but good.
Guardian Angel
Hey. We should have a dome shield. Lasting for about 1 minute. Then 1 minute to recharge. Good idea a? For example Dome shield \"Halo shield\". You get what I\'m reffering to? But yeah this is cool. :D. Now all we need is a futuristic shield he he.
Space Guy
If someone makes a model, I was thinking of making a Roman 'turtle' or SWAT-type shield that protects you entirely from the front instead of just the chest but you can't fire any weapon with it at all.
Lord Tony
You could ask Kaje.
cool but hard to block
*i ment hard to see
Space Guy
Added a screenshot of the Shield from the front. It's actually the Shield as it was in v8 (with the Dual Guns item) but it looks exactly the same in this version so it'll do.
SuperCrash 7209
Nice, You should have made the shield look more realistic but this is good as well.
_ Jake _
this is really cool. the funny thing is my AI swordsman had a sheild when i dled it. it makes sword fighting reallistic bravo 5/5
Thanks for the new image.
Hmm... I got a LEGO Shield im working on i could give (almost done i just need a front texture)
OK NVM i Finished it...

PM'd it 2 Space Guy
Get Rid Of The Bulding Brick K Make It Look Real Jeez.
Its Crap.
Its Cool but its still kinda crapy k plz make it look real ty.
Dude, making it look real makes it lame
Goes well with the invisblety watches set 5/5 DLing
Why is it that the Riot Shield in every version thus far cannot be centered..? Not that it's excruciatingly BAD but it's a but annoying when there is no action going on... I can't help but notice it's tilted to the right.. (v4) Yes I am talking about v4, even though v3 also had this problem.

Possible fix?
Other than that it's great, luv it =3
I would download if it actually looked like a shield and wasn't the ghostbrick gun...
Space Guy
It's tilted when on your back to look like it's been quickly slung over your shoulder or something to carry.
Still wish it could block Rot's zombies :(
By the way, I was talking about when you have it equipped, and you are in first person.
The Titanium
I preferred the old riot shield.
Lord Tony
Would be nice if it was a medieval shield.
For once i have to agree with lord tony. t.t
For once I agree with both of you t.t Wait, I don't even know you julius
cool.i know how this helps helps you cause if your doing stuff, youll be protected.
i love it, but why is it in tools?
I was going to download untill I saw that the shield didn't look like a shield =(

I agree.Why?
whats it look like!?
Hi spencer
im Jake123

It looks like a brick planter gun,look at the pictures.
I Was Gonna Download This Until I Saw That It Looked Like A Brick Planter Gun 2/5
wow this is terrible
its stupid but ill download it just to see if the pictures are lies...
Avik building artist
This a good way 5/5 and also wow on howmany people dowloaded this...
Holy shit, you guys are stupid. Why judge it's model rather than WHAT IT DOES.
SO IT LOOKS LIKE A PLANTER, IT'S RECOLOURED SO STOP FUCKING FLAMING ALRIGHT EVERYONE? IT'S BLOCKO STYLE SO IN MY OPINION 5/5 though i;m not gonna be doing any DM / TDMs any time soon so.. sorry not DLing.. but seriously worth my time
I wish it had a another model but it does seem Blocko so im fine with it plus you know that riot shield you guys just love to abuse in minis? (im talking to you Fudgeman!) you wouldnt have it if it wasnt thanks to this so shut up about the model and if you dont like it so much you REDO THE MODEL.
its ok
The old riot Sheild model was better.... :/

You could see more.
Hmmm... Maybe you could try & get this to attach to the rpg weapons.
Off: lol like MW2 Riot Shield...(which im sick of noobs using on MW2)
On:0MFG J00 G3T 9.999999E+999 C00K13Z!1!!1!!!
lol that shield looks like the building stick XD
The acutal shield look sucks balls.

Other than that, this looks like a pretty good add-on.
20th Rating and 22800th Download! Huzza!
LQ shield ForTW

Agreed. It needs a WAY better model. Otherwise, it's boss.
@WorldWar500 it doesn't use a different model because he's simply holding up a brick and using it as a shield.
It also doesn't have a "better" model so that people can't turn off "download models" and not be able to see that the guy has a shield
I got a new computer and this was first priority. One million/1!
This mod is funny because he's just holding a brick, but I really would love to see a REAL shield. (What I'm saying is make a hylian shield from legend of zelda right now. Do it!)