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Ninja Faces

59 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by Evar678

Sneek up and put a knife in his head!
Ever been in a dark map? where they can easily see your face decal in a deathmatch? Well no more! Ever wanna rob a bank but your face is showing? Well no more! Ever just wanna get the inner ninja out of you? Well that time is now! You ever notice, how in a dark map (like bedroom dark), you can see a person's face a mile away? Well no more! You are possibly thinking: "its too good to be true" or, "Wow, ive been waiting for this!" Well here you go! Yes, yes every upside has it's downside, and the bad part is, your character just so happens to have long blonde hair which makes it easier for him to be spotted D= But this mask looks sweet on him! ;D
The color of your face is the color of the mask, so no pesky snipers can see your head from a long distance away.

Credit to Evar678 for the idea
Credit to The_Russian for fixing part of it for me [thanks russian]

Justin K.
I lol'd.

Not DLing though.
I once stabed my freind with a stealth knife and cloak and scarded them. :)
General Zackinlego
Hey Evar! Cool Faces Btw
modern ninja
yes now i have a nija face and it has the same hair fome my last face
Can you make some that dont have B's on them and they make the actul face darker but...i like it any way
Hatakare Mitsuga
These are terrible. Would you like to try again or give up?
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very cool. They go well with Jirue's black forestman body decal. I use this in one of my standard avatars.
Nice but the b kinda givs u away but still nice :) i say 3
Update: Coming soon!
@Hatakare Mitsuga: =/ Critic...
Yeah you say they're bad yet there's 1k downloads? Pff.
There are good I like them I have seen Worse than this but so Far yours have come out way on Top!

You are a capitalize freak, you only need to capitalize the first words of sentances and proper nouns!

on topic:
These really reflect the ninja reality, Ima download and make a ninja TDM!
What. The. Fudge.
Dude, It mattters.

Nice dude
the best ninja face ever
@darerd You capitalize "I" because its a proper noun.

ONTOPIC: What is the /b/ for?
fred da kiko
It's good but i think you should make an edit with no "b " on it.
Cool =) kinda reminds me of halibels coat thing, except in black lol
Remove the B or else I want to puke
The B doesnt go with the hood

Hey guys, if you dont like the B part just simply edit it. Oh yeah it looks good but it'd be better without the B part 2/5
i say 3/5 the things good but the "B" makes it look plain old dumb (not saying its dumb i got the decal the "B" gets in the way thow)
uhhhh The B is weird
In my opinion, you should just wear something to cover your face or use a blank face, and don't use a decal as well. Even though this is really nice, it still gives away your position.
Keroro Gunso
If it wasn't for the B on the mask(which is kind of odd anyways), I would've downloaded it a long time ago.
EPIC! 100,000,000,000,000,000.../10!
:@Keroro Gunso: the face on it rocks you ass