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0 KB, 10 years ago, submitted by siba

The noclip mod; no longer will you have to deal with the limits of gravity or collision, for now you have TWO forms of building!

Type /noclip [distance] to begin.

Where [distance] is, it can be any number between 0.01 and 10, and means the distance the player moves every noclip loop.

Hold JUMP to move positive to where you are looking.
Hold SHIFT to move negative to where you are looking.
Use the JET key to exit noclip mode.

Comes with two RTB prefs,
- Minigame only
- Admin status

The controls are set up like this because there is no callback for the arrow keys, and I wanted it accessible by everyone in the server.

Aperture Science
Why do I need this so much
i cheated on a game with this! thx! 10000000/5
Blake Dienst
You made this more complicated then it should be, it should just be like when you fly with admin, only you are flying around instead of being a bubble
best addon 2013 10/10
Reminds me of the Portal noClip cheat
ben watts
@Blake Dienst Siba was trying to make a way to make building easier seeing as you cannot build while using F8.

On-Topic : Nice job Siba, this is great for those builds that are big, yet compact. 5 Stars.
You do realize this is a server mod not a client mod?
Stop lieing
This is better than auto jet!

Black Mesa Defender
If there were still good ol' maps,i'd use that to see every easter eggs of it
Anyway,here's your 5 stars.
Eh this is kinda just being admin and teleporting this should just be a extra :P
This addon seems to be nice

But... i found 1 problem

When you get on a speedkart, and get off from a speedkart, your hands disapear and keeps on the speedkart

Please, fix that
Race Pro Kid
It works like a charm!
I just kinda wish the controls were a little different, like WASD to strafe and move forward and backward. Other than that it's perfect. 4.5/5
What are the updates for V2?
for some reason, it reminds me of gmod idiot box...
I use this on v20 currently to find all the secrets! This is no diffrent from F8 mode, but its useful for building because i can fly while still being to build!