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Security Cards

30 KB, 10 years ago, submitted by GravityCat

This add-on contains four different security cards, each with a different security level (1 to 4). It comes with the input events onKeyCardHit, onKeyCardSuccess, onKeyCardFailure and output event keyCardCheck, which allows you to specify a security level, matching the ones of the cards. Cards only give access to the same or lower security levels. This way you only need one item for multiple doors/locks/etc.

Event example:

onKeyCardHit -> Self -> KeyCardCheck -> Level1
onKeyCardSuccess -> Self -> Door -> ToggleCW
onKeyCardFailure -> Player -> Kill

Yes! Now I can make a realistic reaserch facility...
( If it ever gets done)
mydelko [PL]
Perfect for making SCP Containment Breach remakes in blockland.
Hasn't something like this already been made (Color-coded Keycards)...?

Interesting, I could use this for one of my servers...
No, this one has different levels of card access.
Mega Bear
Excellent add-on, thanks.
SCP - 096
This is great for my SCP:Containment Breach server! Thanks! 5/5
Instantly being used in Jail RP's I presume?
Not more useful than keys unless you are trying to set up a very specific atmosphere

Anyways, I'll be trying this out soon, thanks!
Ut ohhh... how long until SCP: Containment Breech?
Yeah, I wonder when someone's gon host a SCP Cont. Breach server with these xD
thumbs up!
Yin Yang
I like this better than the normal keycards good job
SCP - 096

You'll be seing one soon..
YESSS, i could use this with my SCP map! because SCP: Contanment breach is awesome
now jsut need a card scanner thing to go wtih it...print or actual brick