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Jetpack Tool

53 KB, 10 years ago, submitted by Demian

A jetpack item that mounts to your back replacing your feet jets. These are obviously useless without a minigame/evented game that uses a no-jet playertype.

NOTICE: The default No-Jet player recharges the fuel allowing players to cheat by simply remounting the jetpack. This add-on comes with No-Jet Recharge Player which is exactly like the default No-Jet player but it doesn't recharge the fuel. You basically have to use this playertype if you want to use the jetpacks in minigame or similar.

Comes with a Lego styled jetpack and a modern looking jetpack both of which are otherwise identical apart from the model. The jetpacks use fuel (player energy in scripts) and when it runs out you cannot jet anymore.

The Jetpack Gas item is used by walking over the item. It will fully recharge your fuel automatically, it will not go into your inventory.

Two RTB prefs are added to your control panel: Jetpack Fuel and Use Fuel. If you uncheck Use Fuel the jetpacks will no longer use fuel and you can fly with them infinitely. By default the Jetpack Fuel amount is set to 100, it will last for about 32 seconds of constant jetting.

This tool is a joint effort of several people. The original idea was posted by Lord Tony, Demian was the project manager, did the datablocks and tweaked everything, Moppy made the original scripts for mounting/unmounting models to the player, Daenth was the lead scripter and did the scripts for the jets and emitters, McTwist and Port made the original script for recharging player health when walking over items. For a more detailed breakdown of what everyone did see the script files. Parts of them are well commented.

Currently there are two bugs with this add-on. Both are simply visual and do not affect gameplay. I have no clue why these happen or how to fix them.

  • Sometimes the jetpack emitter goes towards the player body instead of downwards.
  • You can spam click the jet button when you have ran out of fuel and the right jet will produce a flame but no thrust is applied.

First toast :D

OT: This is awesome totally downloading!
2nd Toast :P

OT: Much better then the Rclick 5/5
hory shet
Isaac Fox
Great job! I love this!
Oh, thanks, i need with this item :]
Nice. I saw this on the forums and it looked awesome.

right jet will produce a flame but no thrust is applied.

Lol thats weird. Only the right
War Monger
Had to give it 3 stars until you fix the jet emmiter problem, I have seen this at multiple servers now, where instead of the emitter shooting out of the bottom of the jetpack, it is sent THROUGH the player so it sticks out of their chest.
I found a bug, maybe is only me, but I cant pickup the Jetpack Gas.
I tried to make a minigame with it in my item menu, but the icon just appears as a orange printer and when I scroll down my mouse button, it doesnt appear.

All the others jetpacks are alright.
Um... It doesn't have to be realistic. As long as we already HAVE jets. Still, 3/5.
You're not supposed to pick up the jetpack gas. Read the add-on description more carefully.
Yay, a jetpack without wings!
To recharge your jetpack, walk over the gas can while the jetpack is equipped.
Lego Marine Armando
I love this, its awesome
ben watts
Read the flippin' desc. more carefully bro! It says that it happens sometimes! Ok? Thanks.

On-Topic: 5/5 Very nicely made and I will be sure to remember this mod. This comes from a true critic as I am very picky about mods.
ben watts
Sorry for double-post, my thing flipped out. @WarMonger please read the description, as it says right there that it happens sometimes. On-Topic: 5/5 This is a very nicely made add-on, and I hope to see more of your work soon. This comes from a true rater, as I am VERY VERY picky about add-ons that I like.
One of my favorite addons, and one of the best I have seen in awhile! 5/5
Lol sorry for my stupidity, I get it
Lolfail, There's alraedy a default jetboot, there's another jetpack addon before this, and it's good modeling 6.2/10!
Nice stolen lego decals!

It looks fine, idiot.
@Blake1 Tell me that it's not stolen, Idiot.
Lego one sucks remove it please I like the other two
@Nehi Why would he remove it because you dislike it?
looks cul
yay for more pointless lego ripoffs in a game that's trying way to hard to be legally distinct from lego
u do know that blockland wont get introuble the person who made it will and dose it really matter?
Lord Tony
I love this mod. Too bad some of the comments are unintelligent.
Lord Tony
There are some issues with this. You can just take of the jetpack off and put it back on to gain more fuel.

also it doesn't show on your back if you have an avatar piece like armor or a backpack, etc.