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Ranged Tools

1 KB, 11 years ago, submitted by Port

This add-on adds four items, named "Ranged Hammer", "Ranged Wrench", "Ranged Printer" and "Ranged Wand".

These act exactly like the normal item with trust, effects and everything else, except they have a very long range (roughly 200 studs).

You can also access them quickly with these commands:

  • /rg hammer
  • /rg wrench
  • /rg printer
  • /rg wand

The /rg command also properly respects mini-game rules (enable building, enable wand).

Nice, I'm sure this will come in hand.
This would be quite useful when you need to delete something that is quite high and you can't jet.
Now I can snipe people with the hammer. Sweet!
Pretty handy add on, and I remember it a long time back.
Just don't give trust to anyone.

You shoulad make it admin only or something.

8.5 / 10 for me
Great one, Port. Though, roughly 200 studs is too far, you would need your "Thin Fog" to see one zoomed in.
Otherwise, i would of gave 9.6/10 Gelpastes, but this time, 8.9/10 Gelpastes
King of the Bill
I've been looking for these for so long, you have no idea. I had them before and then v20 deleted them. Thank you!
When i download this, i do have it, but i can't see it when i wrench the tools and make them jolly, christmas joke, lol, anyway i can't see it and i typed in /rg hammer but nothing happend! have i downloaded this kind of wrong?
same here
I've made a new update which should fix all that.