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10 KB, 12 years ago, submitted by dUMBELLS

The selector is a tool which allows editing of multiple bricks included in a selection. It makes complex changes to a large amount of bricks a snap.


  • Selection - Combine numerous filters and size options to select precisely which bricks you want to change.
  • Tools Mode - Easily edit bricks with default tools including the hammer, wand, wrench, printer and paint can. (duplicator is also supported in version 3)
  • Copy/Paste - Using the copy and paste modes you can quickly apply a brick's properties to your entire selection.
  • Easy To Use - Integrated with many commonly used commands. Undo for selection is supported. Includes options for customization.

Type /selector to use. Typing it again will display a listing of commands.

Looks very promising!
Looks very helpful. I hope it's easy to use.
This has syntax errors and needs to be fixed
Fix this
Oh damn it spams my console with errors!?!
No download for me too many errors... fix this then youll get a EXTRA 1 download
is this the first one with skull and bones?
The add-on works and does not spam console errors as of version 2.
Glad you released it. :)
@Tic-toc26 That just means that it hasn't been approved. There's nothing wrong with it, they just haven't checked it yet.
Very useful.
What are some examples of "keywords" what would i put if i only wanted to select pine trees
For filtering your selection by brick-type (if you only want to select pine trees), type /selector filter brick.

here's a complete list of keywords along with the corresponding filter:

word: "color" -> "Color"
word: "ownership" -> "Ownership"
word: "owner" -> "Ownership"
word: "BL_ID" -> "Ownership"
word: "BLID" -> "Ownership"
word: "ID" -> "Ownership"
word: &quot
Great mod.
But I miss how to use it in conjunction with the duplicator.
After I select some bricks then evoking the duplicator with /dup cancel the selection, using the Duplorcator item cancel the selection as well, the same if I use /selector tools before one of those action.

How do I duplicate the selected bricks?