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Flashlight Energy

5 KB, 12 years ago, submitted by Daenth

Adds an energy counter to the player's light. When it runs out, the light will vanish. Pretty self explanatory. It does not replace the player's light with a flashlight (I used a stupid name for this), it simply adds onto it.

- Counter appears on the center print so it does not interfere with the bottom print.
- Energy levels from 0% to 200% (Regeneration will only go to 100%).
- Ability to adjust drain and regeneration speeds. (Milliseconds)
- Variable for VCE: <var:player:flEnergy>
- Event to adjust player's light energy: Player > changeflEnergy > [Set, Add] [Value]
- Ability to toggle regeneration. (Set the regeneration speed to 0)

Is there a display of your energy? If so, woo for three bars! (Health, Jet juice, and this)
Yeah i'd like to know that too cause a display would be nice
good idea 5/5
Half Life 2
Nice idea. c:
TF2 Wolf
@blanzer Not just half life 2 Half life (1) introduced it dont go on giving HL2 all the creadit...
so this replaces light?
You need to add a RTB pref to toggle the usage of player lights.
You could make this system like the HL2:EP2 system.
Seeing as there are no other aspects for the battery to use, I don't think that is needed.
This does not:
Replace lights in any way
Disable or enable lights, or add a pref to
run on batteries, but you can use events if you want it to.
cause diahhrea

This does:
add a small bar to show how much battery life your light has.
turns off your light after your battery runs out.
Good for Slender the game on blockland i use it for that :D
I think that you should have a bar, showing how much Flashlight battery you have left, if it runs out or you turn it off, it'll slowly regen until it either fills up or you equip it again. and there are battery items that give you more battery. like HL2's system.
Goes great for slender/render/other horror etc. games...
1,832 downloads :O I didn't know such a useless mod could get so popular
lego ice planet
Wow 1845 Downloads
This is a very good mod from Slender or Render XD
Kirito Kun
Can you make an actual flashlight? I need it for a server i'm making.