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Respawn Wand

5 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Chrono

The respawn wand has multiple uses, for inside and outside of minigames.
Comes in item form and /RespawnWand
(/RespawnWand only available to those outside of minigames or super admins)

Outside of minigames, you can:
Respawn full trusted vehicles, in case they're in the way!
Respawn large groups of bricks that you fakekilled with events.
Or if you're an admin, and some player happens to be in the way while dealing with their real life cat, you can tap them with this and poot they're all the way back at their spawn.
(If there's a player not in the same minigame as you, you can also use this to get rid of them. If they're in the same minigame and are blocking the way in some form, you can then use /RespawnWand and that will allow you to respawn players that are in the same minigame)

Inside of minigames, you can repair bricks that you or other players have broken with weapons or events. This will not be instant like it is when you're out of a minigame. It will be even slower if you're further away from the bricks. (at an exponentially declining rate (huge decrease))
This add-on also allows you to set brick respawn time (in minigame settings) and fakeKillBrick (in events) to 999 seconds. This is 16 minutes and 39 seconds. (It would be too hacky to make it infinite, or any higher than 999 seconds)
All bricks in the minigame will also be respawned when the minigame is reset.

This add-on also introduces another input event, onResetRespawn, which is called when a brick gets respawned due to the minigame restarting. (Only allows self and named brick as a target)

Xleft of duty 4X
just what i wanted and needed 10/10 :3
Sweet add on some dude on forums needed it lol
Lord Tony requested this on the blockland forums :D
Awesome-possum idea, but I wish people would make more colorful wands. Don't we already have a yellow one?
Anyone who says someone else requested it, you're a fucking tard.

I, Aeschylus, requested this. Not Lord Tony, not anyone else. Me. Go look up "New Tool - Respawn Wand" in Suggestions & Requests.

Anyway, thank you, Chrono. Even though I didnt get credit for the idea, I still thank you.

mydelko [PL]
A little usefull for tests.
Yay! Its lke an opposite Fake-kill wand. 10/5!
Ev Dowg
The summary says you can respawn players, but the description doesn't. It would be the best add-on on BL to be able to ressurect the dead.

(Not that I have a private zombie army in my basement already of course...)

Either way, nice work Chrono!

i love it nice mod chrono and thanks K1lla4l1f for requesting it 99/5
Very cool :o
Nice bro 50/10
office dude
@ Ev Dowg:

Yes it does say you can respawn players in the description.

Or if you're an admin, and some player happens to be in the way while dealing with their real life cat, you can tap them with this and poot they're all the way back at their spawn.

Oh my gosh
The respawn wand breaks the events on JVS doors when used on them. Whenever i use it on them it resets them to their default brick events and screws everything up. Please fix this, dude.

I'll take a look at it.
this is epic. good for like a tdm where your base is damaged and someone is assigned to be "repairman"

To be more specific, when i use them on doors that are open, it messes them up. If they're closed, then they're fine, but when i use them on open doors, it makes them reset and completely skip the ContentStop phase, at which point the events are overwritten.
Distant cousin to "Fakekill Wand" lol.
Chrono, any idea what the problem might be?
This mod is extremely annoying. There are a whole lot of abusive idiots who use it.
how do you respawn players?

ontopic 4/5
This mod prevents anyone from leaving the minigame.
I don't find it EXTREMELY annoying. It can be abused, like all admin tools, but it's neat.
this is a gay7 ass mod get a fucking life i love you it was emo nation the cock head
Looks useful but ill maybe download it
NICE 5/5
Mr Queeba