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Pipe Wrench

0 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by Iban

A cool addition to any vehicle-based minigame. Allows people to repair vehicles.

This is not just a straight port from the old RTB's forums. I've added a couple of new checks to the system.

  • The wrench will now autofire. You no longer need to reclick to wrench again.
  • You can no longer repair while in a vehicle.
  • You can no longer repair vehicles that are not in your minigame, unless both you and the vehicle are out of minigames.
  • I synced it up with TDM so you can no longer repair vehicles that are not on your team. You can still, however, repair vehicles with no team if you are on a team yourself.
  • I changed the way it displays repair levels to include two trailing numbers if it needs to (E.G. "5.04%" instead of just "5%"). This is helpful when repairing vehicles with vast amounts of HP.

Note: Mechanic classes are not provided with this item.


Space Guy
// Ain't got no fucking idea what the thread name is, so this works.


// Interiors do not have the getType function and will have console spam if you wrench the bedroom.

[bedroom interior].getType() = 671088649
StaticObjectType, InteriorObjectType and lots of other obscure ones I don't know about.

[code]// I do not know why Space Guy set the teams 0 based and the vehicle spawn's teams 1 based.[/code:1w
I will start working on a version 2 that addresses these issues when I get a chance.
Wait, does this still heal vehicles over the max health? The one I used in some guy's server allowed me to heal vehicles to about 1000 health.
On in-vehicle repairs:
The user shouldn't be able to do the repair if they're the driver or controlling a turret, but as a passenger they should.
This is a test comment. ;)
modern ninja
its not use fulll if you cant see hjow much damage a vihicl has
Hey space guy, watch the language. This thing is great!
He was quoting a comment I left in the code. Those are my words.

We all know Space Guy doesn't swear; he is a good Christian boy, after all. ;P
this is a good tool with ermerginsys and builds. i also like it because it si esey to ues.
um britney spears, you cant even spell your own name, lol!
LMAO below,i once banned someone forever on my server cos they didn't know how to spell

ontopic:one word NICE DLing
ok mabye two...
{quote}brintyspears:this is a good tool with ermerginsys and builds. i also like it because it si esey to ues. {quote}KyleL435: Learn to spell before you come to blockland you will get laughed at like I just did!
Like it very much, good job 5/5
awesome do you know how awesome he is? hes this awesome hes the most awesome person in the hole universe
Thank you so much i needed this so bad
dude, this.. Is....... AWSOME!!!!!!
5/5 will come in big handy for TDM, wish I had this in one game I was playing the other team sat outside our base blowing our vheicals up almost instantly if we could have fixed them we may have one :(
Epic... just Epic... EEEPPPIIICCC! 5/5
PIPE WRENCH THAT IS JUST A RED WRENCH needs a better model 2/5
E-P-I-C that spells EPIC!!!!!!!
It would be better if at least it weren't just red t would have been better if it were dark grey or black
blocko HD
becasue most pipe wrenches are just red dumbass
Change the look to make the handle a pipe and the wrench part above it,Pipe-Wrench lol!
nice one blockblast!lol
Dude that has been so useful for my games thank you lol
Make it so when you hit players with the pipe wrench it does damage so you can use it as a melee and repair tool.
(like TF2 wrench)
Mr KitKat
In the next update, if there is one since you are so busy with ZAPT, can you make it [5/10% healed] instead of just 5%,6%,7%, and so on? I haven't used it yet, so don't correct me if I'm wrong.
Very nice to have. I'm glad i found it. It will help in my fort wars ^.^
[X] OMG [X]
if you could make it so it can do damage to players (maybe with light-button activation or right click) it would be great for a tf2 based game
It's red. I LIKE ET
It would be nice if you can tag some events made for the pipe wrench, like "OnVehicleRepair-Client-IncScore [20]

that would work great with battlefield based servers