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Tron Decal Pack

118 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by _-Pwnz0rd-_

A pack of Tron decals custom-made in Gimp. Feel free to ask for different colour decals.
And yes, the new orange one does look like Portal 2. I only noticed that just after i finished making it, and was testing the decals.

Version 2:
-Golden Yellow

Version 3:
-Changed decals drastically.

Version 4:
-Trans Lines.

I use Gimp as well :o
bloko bloko bloko
I like it. I like the movie too.
Bright white please. (ontopic) i think it looks great.
Midway Sentinel
golden yellow :3

About time you made something good! Your last to addons SUCKED!
there is already white and a yellow, but i will try make golden yellow
it's because he fucking copy-pasted this.
@Sket i did not copy paste this i made it myself
If there are more images... take more pics OR -- Put it all in one pic.
Dude this has a skull.
this is the most decent decal I have seen from you. 5/5
@bob13 this is safe i tested it myself i always test my addons before releasing it
then why is this 100 times better than your other shit that you made in the same day?
Nice! I like Tron, I got the game Tron Evolution for PS3.
@Sket, I dont know, maybe coz i took more time on this, and worked harder.
@justinlego001 cool. i didnt even know Tron Evolution was on ps3, i might save up for it
Wow, kinda shocked... the ones I made are better than this... I didn't plan on releasing them though.
Please stop making decals and prints.
Shadow The Hedgehog
make a green one plz
@Shadow The Hedgehog, there already is a green. There is White, Aqua, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Golden Yellow and when people ask for more colours i will update with Version 3
the new guy
its just a vest with the blockmesa thing taken off and colered blue and black

I actuly found one that is the tron legacy decal dono if this is the old one or a crappy version of the tron legacy ones...
@ the new guy, how would you know? i actually custom made these, no copying block mesa, now get lost before i flame you so hard your skin melts off!
nice comment, _-Pwnz0rd-_.
Haha. This is pretty nice. I think i am downloading this.
the new guy
@ _-PwnzOrd-_ Well excuuuse me! judging from your other "works of (crappy ) art " a person, like me, whould THINK, that you whould do something like this.
thanks for all the good comments and the 630 something downloads. and the new guy, i am about to flame you untill your skin melts off, so you better get lost
office dude
Lol? nice add-on
Note that all his build is spam xP
bob13 if u dont get lost i will flame u so hard that ur skin melts off. NOW GET LOST!
bob13 is right the build is all spam no baseplate... other that that Ilikey yor decal plus you has my download...
@snk13 it isnt supposed to have a baseplate coz its on tron map and its a tron build and i want to be able to see the blue lines! but thanks for dl
Thats no TRON, i made a better decal pack
FUcking retard below
Dog boy
That doesnt look like tron very much, but a Children's glow in the dark TRON Lifejacket.
Any new colour requests? I'm going to be changing the decals drastically soon, so get your requests in now!
version 2 is better
tjis ones total crap
You didn't center it.
@Obliviongate20 I KNOW! I tried, but it was quite fricking hard, since I use gimp, not that fancy-ass photoshop photoshit.
Now updated to v4!
Midway Sentinel
try cutting the decal in half in Gimp, copy the layer, and mirror it onto the other side, then use "Autocrop Image". hope it helps :)
@Midway Sentinel
I totaly agree. DO EET. 3/5, if you fix it... 4.5/5
anyone have any colour requests???

@DarkData I can't be stuffed fixing it. Don't have time. I'll fix it when I update the addon
Its not even on eather side