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45 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Iban

"Cover me, but don't stare at my ass."

This Medpack takes 3.4 seconds to deploy. While in use, you cannot fire a weapon or move. Healing can be aborted at any time by simply lifting off the trigger. When not in use, the Medpack is strapped to your back, letting your enemies know to shoot (or devour) you first.

This mod is compatible with Zombies are People, Too v2's HUD display, but does not require it in any way, shape, or form. When used in a ZAPT v2 game, it will give an automatic line of text, letting your friends know that you're trying to heal.

Model by Bushido.

P.S. Mooks
This is different because there are no god damn zombies attached to it. It's a healthpack. It works in regular minigames and does not need anything else. Think of it as a pill that isn't as easy to camp and abuse.


Sweet. Although I think 4s might be a bit too long. Considering that you can get the same effect with two pill bottles.
The Titanium
..."The RTB Moderators will rescue 1 survivor in 2 minutes and 43 seconds."

laughing. my. ass. off.
They already have this on the Left4block thing but oh well
its basicly a medpack for zapt that works like the one form left4block
Hunter likes medikits :D but louis is not satisfied, and gave the Medikit a trip off the highest building he could find.
OMG L4D yay! hunter... come here, can you creat a pills here to Louis?
Aber Purchai
I'm pretty sure they removed ZAPT because I don't see it in game modes any more :(
Green Blockhead
We... already... have... a... medkit!

you dont get it he wanted to update that add-on but coudnt AND coudnt explain so he made it him self
and JUST a question can you make zombie smasher?

This is better then anything l4b can make. This has an automatic messege in team. This takes shorter too heal. This has a much better model. This works with the zapt v2 gui. Green Blockhead, lolbot or wahatever from the pillbottle topic, fuck the hell off.
One in Left 4 Block was better looking.
blocko HD
l4b is better than this l4b is sopposed to be exactly like l4d and l4d2 and l4d have a healing time just like l4b's
modern ninja
know when will you reses (sorry if miss spelled) zapt
fred da kiko
so you took the medkit addon, modled it to make it look like a suitcase, and didn't take off the part in script that mounts it onto your back?
Dear "Fred da Kiko",

I hope you get raped to death.
who rated this high?
XD the rtb moderators will rescue 1 survivor in 2 minutes and 43 seconds.
fred da kiko
so what i said before about sums it up then? you juse fucked around with a script and added a new moddle to something that was already around?
hey, foofoo

you're a bastard.
@kiko: I don't think I can describe in words just how much of a pompous dickwad you are. The script was written from scratch. I'm not even sure how Rotondo's medpack works. You're a complete fucking retard who obviously has some sort of vendetta against me because I made you cry in my server once.

Here's a hint: I don't give a shit what you think, and I would rather you not fag my up my add-ons' comment page with your fanboy bullshit because it is the same kind of garbage that conv
fred da kiko
so apparently you made me cry in a server and you now hate me for saying that these addons suck, i probably made you cry when i told you the zapt v.1 sucked, ever since then you hate me, i still hold by the fact that we already have a fucking medikit, and we don't need an other one, the same way we already had a fucking zombie mod and a fucking molotov and pill bottle, you say that you made a whole new script, although this still mounts onto your back even though it's a suitcase. go die in a fire you hate f
@fred: stop being such a tool, god
fred da kiko
@ ledodude1 mind your own buisness
@ fred Iban is always like that,
Every time there is an update there's always a few laggards who think the old way was better. They blindly argue against change. Well guess what faggots: the reason we don't live in fucking caves today is because people like you lost that argument every generation over and over for the last 400,000 years. You would stymie all of civilization for your own pathetic power trip. You are nothing but a human speed bump.

My version is better. If you don't think so, stick to yo
fred da kiko
im not arguing against this im saying all you made was a suitcase that mounts on your back, unlike the old way, the old medikit was a BACKPACK that mounted on your back
Aber Purchai
Where is ZAPT? I like it better than L4B, but it isn't in Game Modes anymore and there were no results when I searched it.
to me this is better cuz you have people that wait for you while you heal but they dont know that you they know when your healing so they will wait for you so you dont get mualed by zombies. (or other players) 5/5
i know i spelled wrong
i think it looks better than the l4d one 5/5
If you say so.
Off topic: FooFoo, your ID is 16 in Base 2 >.>

On topic: Hm...Pretty cool. I think I like this one a bit better than Rot's one.
@Aber Purchai It was made a private mod because he's busy making V2.
i wish people ahem ahem kiko would stop posting hate comments on peoples addons. if you dont like it then dont say anything. also 5/5.
@Fred da kiko

Its more blocko and is better than the other asshole.
What happens when you have this and the riot shield at the same time?
Rimeshipack. :3
King of PWNG
This is awesome dude. :)
Hurry charlie! Look charlie! It's a neoplorodon charlie!
@Fred da kiko
Shut the brick up!
Well did that "Backpack" take time to heal you up?HUH?
I dont think so BRICKASS!
Block, you just prooved to everybody that you are a seven year old
Go suck an egg.
Retard below.
Lol In l4d when zoey heals...My friends spectate her healing...As if there braindead
@aber purchai its in packs, its Zombies Are People Too and also i like the L4B one better, it has a good model

You need to spend some time off the computer.
now i'll feel like the doomguy! :D
Cool. But It's by Iban. 3/5
The Doomguy doesn't use a medkit from his inventory, he uses medkits scattered around the maps as an instant-use pickup. You obviously never played Doom.
Theres a Medkit in Gamemode Zombie
Nice, because you dont have to use it in Zombies Are People Too.
iban? dident you make that city rpg thing?
I love it! it's more blockland-y! unlike the "medkit" its too detailed and soo... left 4 dead like. 5/5
Exactly like the L4D2 medit just needs to be smaller
This well look good for left 4 dead.