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Tril's Assassin's Creed Hoods

68 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by Trilogy

I bring to you the latest of Trilogy Industries (Fashion Line) products, the Assassin hood. Based off the hit series, Assassin's Creed.

Originally I made only one face, with the changeable color being the skin, however it didn't quite workout. So I made the hood changeable. Please note however, you should NOT wear any sort of helmet or hat because it will get cut off.

I plan on making an Assassin's Armor as well!

Like it.

First download.

Rated 5/5.
Eh... could be better I will give you credit you did a good job on the detail(s) but I wish the Hood could have been in the spot where the helmat or hats are. still good 3/5
I literally got AC2 yesterday, and this comes! Halleluyah!

I don't Know Why, but it just...
doesent look right
Nice Work etc... but doesent look right
Omg, I was with you in your server, took ur snapshoot, I would be there wit ya fun...I wish u luck with your new mod.
@Wackerz w/e your name is, I saw that too... and for some reason the coloring just doesn't fit right with the other appendages located on the player. It's very weird, but it was the best way I could do it. I dare you to do better!
Hey tril, i mocked up a quick version of the basic robes for AC if you want to check them out. Also, as I'm relatively new to modding blockland, I was wondering how you test your mods. What I did was replace the Gman suit png with my own just to see what it looks like, but i'm assuming there's an easier way to do this. Thanks

Message me on IRC and I will reveal the answers to all of your questions, thanks G.
if you make more faces in the hood i might download cause its kinda to happy (example zombie face default) its kinda more like it buts its still good
i haz dah chest so 100/100 :D THX
Aber Purchai
Armor's already been made. Don't bother. Thx for hoods tho.
Now you need to make that Weird, cape he has on the side of his back, and he covers his arm in sometimes
wheres my hood i downloaded it!
Why is he smiley?
Its blockland
man, i had the RPG pack that had the hidden blade in it, but now that i'm on a different comp i can find it!!!....checking my mods and seeing if it's in one of these packs....
double toast: found it. TEEHEE :3