Commissioned by the user -Luigi-, this american pickup truck is the true essence of the hard working people, who wake up early and it's not afraid to take on heavy duties.


  • Custom vehicle support, including Off-Road and other options.

  • Lights Script by Teneksi, with the help of NightHawk for telling me how it works, Press the Light Key to turn on the lights, press it twice for a functional full beam, plus the Numpad 4 and 6 keys are for the turn signals.

  • Heavyweight 4WD like handling, capable of going almost any type of terrain.

This add-on requires the Custom Vehicle Support to work, make sure to download it as well.
Download it here

Hi Filipe Do you still have these cars like Tutto and other vehicles. Because he needs these vehicles a lot. By the way, beautiful vehicles. Just players like you don't let this game die making add-ons.

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