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Nakata Aseed

1.29 MB, 2 years ago, 65 downloads, 194 views, by NightHawk

Wanting to keep it very simple in the 1980's? Then I have the vehicle for you! The FWD Nakata Aseed is based off of the 1989 Honda Accord, and it comes with the simplists of variants. It has functioning turn signals, brakelights, reverse lights, and headlights. It can get you from point A to B round-trip with ease!


  • Two variants, a Wagon and a Sedan, that utilizes shift-brick car controls. Use the shift brick left and right keys to toggle left and right turn signals, respectively!

  • Brakelights and reverse lights

  • Functioning lights, use your light key to cycle through Daytime and Running Lights!

  • Minimalist CVS Parts INCLUDING: Body, Front, Back, Side, Splitter Trunks, Spoilers, Hoods, and MORE!

    Custom Vehicle Support: Download
    Developed by Filipe1020, this mod lets you customize my vehicles while you aim at them and type "/garage". Without this, the cars will look like a generic clustertruck with overlapping meshes.

    Version 2.0.0 (2021-10-30 16:32:45)

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