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Auto Remove Bricks

1 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by McTwist

You are hosting a freebuild, and goes offline from the server for some hours, while leaving it on. When you get back, there is no one there and it is spammed with red vehicle spawns and the vehicle quota have been reached just one hour after you left.

This gives you the opportunity to take more control over your server while you're gone. Just enable this mod and use one of the two methods to toggle the function. Command or RTB Preferences.

/toggleAutoRemoveBricks - SuperAdmins only.

So this gets rid of bricks? If so, after what period of time?
It's a freebuild. Then just delte those bricks and ban the user that made them. Problem solved.
It removes your bricks intantly after you disconnect, unless you're an admin.
Thats how NOT to do it, Coupon.
Thats why I don't build online. My stuff always gets trashed. I build very rarely only on servers with moderators I fully trust. I can see the use, and good job for making this, but I for one find it cheapens servers even more.
This is a good idea, but i think it should only remove the spam bricks automatically.

I join a dedi freebuild and begin building this amazing epic structure that every blockhead would bow down and worship, but then i leave to say, dl an addon or maybe my game crashes etc., when i return... its.....gone.....well that would ruin my day...

-on toppic-
nice exept what IcyGamma said, it would suck because many people hardly get online and they would like to share their building know how to the world and when they leave it just kinda dissapears from the world forever, unless they save it, overall this would be good if the people that get on were a bunch of retards like those noobish people that go "OMG dood look at this haxing sweet build" and all it is a pile of 1x1 flats stacked on top of each other.

-Off Toppic-
Yay me! i passed english cla
Love it 5/5
I find it hard to believe that.
@newt i think it only deleats bricks not on a baseplate.

anyway 5/5.
It deletes every brick that the client have. Even those on a baseplate.
A Twig
If this is an auto-spam broom then praise and cookies for you..5/5 and download! again PRAISE
What if they are glitched and need to leave? There builds will be deleted...
If My Server Ever Dosent Get Dead Than Ill Say This Is FANTASTIC......5/5

Is It Seriously Fun Talking Like This?

Anyway, this add-on could be really helpful when I wil get my server up. You got my DL not now, but when my server is ready.
Does this clear spam bricks every now and then? because that would be awesome, however this looks awesome anyways, DLing
Guardian Angel
Wasn't this my idea? Because this is a wish come true. Lol. :D
Evo Chief
Oh look! I finnished my TDM! Oop, BRB.
Ok, I'm back! Now I just need to sa-- WTF ITS FUCKING GONE!
If you were making a TDM, you would probably be an admin.
Not inless its a dedi... where anyone can make minis
good no more after-spam bricks XD
The Titanium
I see no real point of this. All Blockland maps are infinite in size.
Yes, but not infinite in vehicles, bricks or items.
Gees, the amount of complaints ive had from this addon...
If you don't like it, then don't use it.
Dude this sucks ok imagine this,

This guy joins and helps you make a HUGE ASS SHIP WITH LOTS OF DETAIL

But then he lags out his bricks get deleted that means half your ship gets deleted

All that detailed work down the drain
This is the BEST for Freebuilds.

If someone did help, he wold proboly Admin. If he's not, thats the Hosts fault.
This isn't best for freebuilds.

I mean the point of those is to be "free" IE. Doing whatever you want.

This is better for public WIP builds.
Can you make AutoClearSpam instead of this