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Shane's Smiley Pack

12 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by Simon

Yet again another Smiley pack by Shane. A pack of two differant smiley selections. Complete with:
Smiley Glasses
and Smiley Confuzzled

I like the Confuzzled one. Smiley Glasses isn't really needed.
Lego Flasher

It is, There is no Glasses wielding Guys found able from your Default Face set? No. (Except the Dr.Kleiner Face that Badspot diden't made.
Well, I don't know what to say. The glasses were released though through some guy's face edits, i think they were released on rtb 3 it was cool, they have Glasses Intellegent and Glasses Beard. I'm not being mean, i'm just letting you know, i think it was released. Like your Blockland Forums avatar.
(aka me)
Sorry. The glasses are needed.
@Weirdo You really are insane aren't you, replying to yourself like that.
2nd pic look epic