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Disable Events Script

2 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by Space Guy

A basic script that allows server owners to disable certain events on bricks for the server.

Save the zip file to your Add-Ons folder.
Start a server with Script_DisableEvents enabled once or copy the text files from the zip to config/server/DisableEvents.
Edit each of the files in config/server/DisableEvents to change which events are disabled. Write the name of each one on a new line as it appears in-game. (onToolBreak, instantRespawn, etc.) This also works for most events registered by Add-Ons.
Next time you start the server, those events will not appear in the wrench menu.

By default, this disables the onToolBreak input and Brick->killBrick output events as these are being removed in v13 and can be abused.

Now a serverCmd event can be possible.
(Without being abusable, of course)
Space Guy
If you disable the event then nobody can use it...?
Win, :D
Wait, i thought some kind of admin could still use it...
Justin K.
Space Guy
Wait, i thought some kind of admin could still use it...

Er, no. This disables it for every
I cant think of anything of how i could use this.
Space Guy
In a fort-wars, RPG, etc. server, you might not want people to be able to use the "changedatablock" event to give themselves jets, relays to abuse things like spawning people or perhaps the turret player/spawnProjectile events.
Is this basically unRegisterInput/OutputEvent(); ? Or am I missing something?
Space Guy
Yes. This is just a simple interface to use it. Typing it while in a server breaks the events menu completely for everyone else until they rejoin.
Eagle Strike
Does not work, i put in mini game output " ChatMsgAll CenterprintAll" exactlly like that and it doesnt work. Please send me a msg if you know how to fix
5/5 nice job

No duh it wont work its a DISABLE script not enable script :P
12 more versions to go "will be remove in v13"