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Impulse Explosion

1 KB, 9 years ago, submitted by Dezcaban

This add-on adds an explosion to the game called 'impulse', which is meant to shake the camera. It has no particles or emitters or sound and does no damage. It only shakes the camera at a relatively low frequency and amplitude.

Sort of based off Valve's env_shake entity.

Click here for a demonstration video on one of the many uses of this add-on.

Good for HL2 Movies!
SCP - 096
Earthquake c:
@SCP - 096
Or rockslides c:
ty 5/5
Bibbity Bawb
Nukes...nuke simulator.
Dark Rundas
This would be good for a crash scene for a youtube type thing.
Could have sworn this was default to the game, guess it's not any more. Great addon.