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Terminal Fall Damage

1 KB, 10 years ago, submitted by Swollow

When you fall at a set speed you will die in midair
includes 1 Rtb pref "Terminal Fall Speed" (Default 80)

The Epic Man
Awesome! So if someone gets back that OLD Empire State Building Save, You can jump off of it using Logic and, Basicly Die in mid air, because IRL, If you jump off of the Empire State Building, It is so High that You reach Term. Volocity, The Fastest your body can Go, and Basicly, This. You die in Midair, Before you hit the ground, Like the WTC.
@ swolow

This would be good for those levels where if you fall, you are supposed to die. People try to waste time trying to survive when they're gonna die anyway, so why not die in midair? 5/5
@ XR_7, How the fuck is it Innapropiate? Thats science. You never looked up facts about the Empire State Building??

It was so tall that if you jumped off you reached Maximum Volocity and basicly, you die in mid-Air, sence your body can't travel at that speed.
@XR_7 i agree with BurningMercy hes just stating the truth
I'm stating History and science. Did you know that in 1945 a B25 bomber crashed into the 74th floor of the empire state building killing 14 and starting a fire. It still lives today. It's a strong tower and has been for the past 70 years of one of the tallest towers.
It's really cool because this Addon actually is very simular to how it is IRL. I have a driving simulation map, The tallest tower in the map is the empire state building. I made some tests and I didn't make it to the very bottom before I died. I died in mid air. Even in a Vehicle.
Blake Dienst
VV you wont die in rl, because sky divers reach terminal velocity a lot and live
Um. Ik skydivers do but they don't survive because of that. They need to pull their shoot at a certain point or they will be going too fast and the shoot won't pull, so basicly you die in mid-air from that rapid speed 30 Thousand feet in the air. So thats why they pull their shoot at a certain point..
@BurningMercy it has to do with 9/11, which may be an innapropriate subject to him.
Blake Dienst
VV Pretty much this, he could have lost a family member to that tragedy
only rtb would find something like this offensive
Rape mod: Offensive

Fall damage: Offensive

Suicide bomb mod: Offensive

Torture: Not offensive
just to get things straight terminal velocit yfor a human is around 120 mph, cars go that fast, you wont die. this mod is unrealistic, but that is not the point its just there to kill you.
Hey Zombe, Why not jump off the Empire state building then? WITHOUT A parachute. See what happens. There is a big difference. We are not talking about Speed of motion with a car. That is land. Your just Moving on wheels. If you fall at a certain speed, your body reaches a limit where it seems to slow down then you die. This mod is not unrealistic. Humans can die from falling, even from incredable Hights, Hell, They will die before they reach the ground if and is higher or the hight of the Empire state buil
Lava offensive because people die in it