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Support Impact Damage

2 KB, 10 years ago, submitted by BluetoothBoy

This mod lets you toggle impact damage applied to players upon vehicular collisions. Features of this mod:

- Impact damages all players mounted to the vehicle.
- Works with bots.
- Impact damages players mounted to turrets.
- Impact damage is now dynamic; any impact at a speed of 25 or greater will damage players in a dynamic fashion.
- Impacts at a speed of 75 or greater result in killing mounted players.
- Now works with vehicle, ground, and brick collisions.

Use /impactdamage to toggle this mod.

First Comment. I download. This good. You make more.
@bluetoothboy. So basicly... If you wreck or Get into alot of Damage, You get hurt? Like RL. You should add a freature when for example: If you are going at a highspeed, and you hit streight-on Colision, or Headon-Colision, You should add it where You go flying out of the window sheild of Certain Vehicles, and If you hit a Brick(s) Hard enough, You can die.
@BurningMercy I think he means that if you crash super hard while your in a car you get damaged to so if you hit a brick wall your not going to be fine
What if there was a seatbelt key/command that toggled having a seatbelt on, and when you have a seatbelt on, less damage is done to you and you stay in the car in high-speed collisions, but cannot exit the vehicle until you take off the seatbelt. Without a seatbelt, more damage would be done in low-mid speed collisions, and you would be ejected from the vehicle in high-speed collisions with a lot of damage still done to you.
@soldier That actually sounds really cool
When will V3 be on RTB?
V3 will be on RTB once the mods check V2 (which is, unfortunately, taking a while)...