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Player Collision

128 KB, 10 years ago, submitted by FUN BOT

Have you ever thought that ramming into players is boring?

Now you have player collision! Ram into other players to make them dizzy!

This has RTB prefs that allow it to be enabled/disabled and MiniGame only.
There is a pref if you want the message to be on saying that the player has been dizzy as well.

The emitters on the player that was hit uses question marks showing the dizziness.

This is used at Visolator's right? The info in the chat box saying "so and so has made so and so dizzy." gets annoying when it redundantly repeats itself.
Yea it was made my me. I am fixing that spam issue too so they get a timeout.

You should give it probably a 10sec break between each one, since whatever issue the player is dealing with most likely would not last that long (player killed; problem solved), if I make any sense at all.