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1 KB, 10 years ago, submitted by Wound

I made a new one because people said they wanted it to be a key instead of a command.

Enjoy for that people.

Just type, "@Message" Note: if you put a space after @ it adds 2 spaces.

Wasnt this already made?

Yes, it was allready mad rememnber /AC Hi
@Falcon, Yeah but people requested it be something like "@ hi".
also, learn to read the description.
This is not a problem with most people, but for people who have the Eval script this is not a good idea. Besides, the servercmd worked just fine.
@Grave, very true, although, most Eval chats i see are $.

I guess to those people whos evals are @, don't use this.
I use the @ key for eval.

So I'll stick to the command unless I could rebind it.