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Emitter-Based Fireworks

1 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by Ephialtes

There are two fireworks emitters which are a pre-release to the upcoming Fireworks Pack. The emitters are a large and small version of a basic firework fountain.

The colour of the sparks is based on the brick emitting them so you can setup some events to rapidly change the brick colour for some very cool effects!

It is recommended that you use 1x1 bricks to get the best performance.

"Upcoming Fireworks Pack".. It has been "upcoming" for the last two years, am I right?
Cool, and what do you mean by the upcoming firworks pack? More firework emmiters? :/
Cool, and what do you mean by the upcoming firworks pack? More firework emmiters? :/

Sorry, I don't know why I have 2 same comments.
Useful for blocko need for speed
This is good, but i think Ephialtes maybe canned the script.
It's OK but i think you can do alittle better these look like you didnt put very much effort into it.
O my F***ing God can you read thease are the origanals they are probably making beast ones but these are like the teasers
perfection takes a lot of work i dont know how i can be talking about this in Bl cuz i havent contributed to anything here but i do flash videos and they take forever so why dont you make some emitters that look perfect
Lab man 77
My new name is valintino but, This is cool nice job
Valintino But, (Horrible name)
The "upcoming" pack is probly not going to come out
Pink Geek
Cool 3/5
I hope there is sound.

If there is no sound you should make sound for the fireworks pack make them all sound real.I give 4/5

These are emitters, dork.

And no, I doubt the "fireworks pack" is even being worked on.
Have my children.
Paper Mario
@Kyle, you noob! His name is Valentino! Without the but! You're the first Blockhead I've seen who judges people for their name...
New Name
@Lab Man 77, do you go to lordlansdowne? The name's ophir.
how many downloads is it right now?

ITS OVAR 9000!!!!!!
I love these. Lol
I give it a 5 star! :P
I'm making a fireworks massacre :D
My friend mr blocko i s making a 4th of july party!
And I'm going to be hosting a Dedicated Forth Of July Block Party, like I usealy do for ever other holiday...