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Lego Death

14 KB, 11 years ago, submitted by Thelegodude

An edit of Amade's Blood and Gore mod that removes all that scary blood and gore and replaces it with just your body parts that simply fall off your player, just like in the Lego games like Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones

Vehicle only version: This version makes it so you only fall apart when splattered by a vehicle

Unfortunately, due to limitations with debris objects, the body parts that fall off are white and the head reverts to the default face decal and they don't cast shadows, but spawning bots on death that match the player's colors that they belong to and having a bunch of different datablocks for different colored body parts both don't seem like the best ideas to remedy this issue

Thanks, could you make another mod like this that only you break to pieces when you are explosively damged?
Paper Mario
Love it!
When i learn how to script, I so should make a Tau Cannon that does this when you are killed by one
is this client-sided or server-sided
DJ Fourthman
Yin Yang
I love you
Yin Yang

Its client sided, thats why its in the server-sided addon catigory

Black Mesa Defender
Sounds good,but would be good also to have the character's color on the death rather than being all white.
The pieces should turn into black pieces as if they were burnt/damaged.

@Black Mesa Defender That's sort of, very hard, maybe impossible. No one has figured it out yet.
you should add that like it has the basic color of the person at death but no decals.

Otherwise (since that is way hard to do, i know what you mean)


Why am i completly white when i die with lego death enabled?
Instead of white u should make it black like when youre burned
When you die it should be BLACK or RED.

Why in the HELL did you choose white? Just a question.
You should make it the Colors of your player.
If you can't make the models the same colour as the player's, then why not make them all different colours like red, yellow, blue and green? White just looks ugly.
This is like roblox...
Good I like it