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Killstreaks and Dominations

0 KB, 11 years ago, submitted by Swollow

-Killstreaks when you have above 2 kills
-Sexy animated centerprint fly-in text
-32 Different killstreak titles
-5 Different Multi-Kill titles
-Displayed beneath your killstreaks
-2 Second multi-kill window
+Dominations and Revenge
-When you kill the player atleast 3 times you begin dominating them
-A message is displayed to both of you
-The player you're dominating can get revenge by killing you
+Chat Messages
-When you get a killstreak
-When you get a Monster Kill (6+ multi kill)
-When you die with 40 kills or more
+Rtb Prefs
-Enable/Disable Killstreak Mod
-Enable/Disable Chat Messages

Soy sauce
Cool, good thing there's no voice saying the spree. That would get annoying.