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Map Properties Loader

1 KB, 11 years ago, submitted by Nexus

This add-on will enable you to bind environmental zones and other missiongroup objects to your skyboxes, a feature not available in the default environmental controls.

Within your Sky_MapName file, include a Properties.cs file.
This file should do the following when executed:
1. Create the map property objects
2. Add those map property objects to the missiongroup

That is all that is needed.

First toast!
Wait, what? I don't understand what this does.
Is this like a v21-terrain enabler?
General Nick
It saves your environment preferences, i.e. sun color/azimuth/etc. to a skybox.
Wait, what? I don't understand what this does

Before the update, maps could have special properties like physical zones for gravity that is not availible with the update. This mod provides a way for map makers to still put out skyboxes with these special map propert
nice 5/5 this is pretty useful for space maps
Nobody cares about the toast.
Can this add more skyboxes to use?
Come on does nobody even pay attention to the toast!?
Toast!!! *holds up a piece of toast, then eats it.*
Just joking, this add-on is amazing!
The Epic Man
Is this kinda like mission editor? Wait, you can load stuff from other maps? I havent did this for myself yet. I would really like to get a reply on RTB chat. TOAST!
Who gives a shit about toast
The Epic Man
@alxetora TOAST IS AMAZING! Start respecting toast. Jk you can hate toast, but...............TOAST! *holds toast and eats it* Oh and plus this is what happened when i got this. All my server things like Munks Server pack, My prefrences, ect. WAS NOT WORKING! the server info was still working though for Msp but the Afk command DID NOT WORK! I had to re-download it and for some reason it still didnt work. The compaint wasnt about you Alxetora.
The Epic Man
(Double post) I re-downladed Munks server pack again and all of it started working again. For some ppl you need to redownload it 2 times or more times. I suspect dont get this until the bug is fixed. Or i may be wrong and its just a problem with V21. If i am im sorry for whoever made this.
Test Zombie
Not to hate v21 (i do), but ever since the update varius mods and add-ons have stoped working properly. :/
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Nexus 9/5

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You aren't making a good contribution to this.
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/toggleGround isn't a feature
@MrBob00 It's a feature with the SPAAAAAAAACE skybox pack.