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Evil Skele Face

0 KB, 11 years ago, submitted by Ozmar

These, my friend are skeletons. EVIL skeletons. Become evil with this face.

First post, first comment by me ever.
Looks good.
No one here will get the 2nd toast.
"The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time."
(Bertrand Russel)

"Guilt is a rope that wears thing."
(Ayn Rang)
Lol epic fail on meh second quote ... "Thin"*
I like the face, but I don't think it's very skeleton. Both are opinions, so I don't speak for others.

i agree whith that Gen_Fears
Yes i like it,Just to me idk what it would be used for and i can make myself skele with the FFC mod i have other than that the face is 4/5 good work man
more demonic.
King of the Bill
As intriguing as this is, when I looked at the thumbs of the screenshots, the guys looked a bit cross-eyed. Just my opinion.
Beast of Nurgle
more like evil dot face