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Clonetrooper Decals

97 KB, 12 years ago, submitted by Milamber

This is a pack of clonetrooper decals i made in it are Commander, Shocktrooper, Demolition and Jettrooper constructive criticism is welcome.
I am so sorry but i screwed up when adding the face to this pack i will take the face out and make a new topic for it i have fixed this pack and it should work fine again.

I personally think the demolition trooper looks wrong judging that the chestplate looks wrong and demo troopers are orange, but not half bad. 4/5
The three first ones starting from the Left are from the real movies, and the right one is from the clonewars. 4/5 too.
make helmets
@chicken1 Actually the first three ones look like the droid colors and the last one looks like the ones from Episodes IV-VI
Cheese head
sweeeeet 10/10
its all wrong, comander is yellow, jet trooper is dark green, shock trooper is dark blue... 2/5
sorry for double post but demolition is the regular clone outfit
I dont like star wars exept for the clone and stormtrooper outfits these are nice but... if your trying to make rex he's not a comander he's a captain...

comander cody
captain rex
Almighty Lusk
Nerd moment: The commander would actualy be the one to the right of the Jet-Trooper...
Otherwise very noice :D 5/5
good good but what about the druids
Skull Hmm better leave this alone... Really its a skull go look !!!
2nd one looks like a bikini o3o
when i put the shock trooper shirt on i couldnt see it on can u try fixing that
Jman, Blue is captain, red is shock trooper.
4/5 just because you fucked up the order
@Megablob Ya in Episode 3, but even then they were never deployed in battle, so they arnt "troopers" there body gaurds, thts what palpatine used them for, in the clone war red stood for comander i think.