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This is the Whitelist mod. But, i bet you probably already knew that, so i'm going to tell you a little about this mod. This mod allows you to create a "Whitelist," a list of players that have something nobody else has, the right to come in your server. If someone try's to join your server if they aren't on the list (if the mod is enabled), they are kicked out of the server, and given a message that they aren't on the Whitelist. So now that you know a bit about it, lets see what commands we use to control this thing.


  • One-Time Help given when you first spawn in your server, and a help command that tells you everything you could possibly need to know about how to use the mod.
  • Easy-to-Remember commands.
  • User-Frienldy Messages added into all the commands, to let you know what happens.
  • Optional Saving and Loading, for quick access to previously made WhiteLists!
  • RTB Server Control Preferences.
  • Customizable Admin Level Requirements for every command. (except /WLO)
  • Complete set of Console Commands, giving the user the ability to control the entire mod without having to join the server!

/ Commands:
  • /WLO - Toggle's on and off the mod. (Host Only)
  • /WListAdd BLID - Add's a BLID to the Whitelist. (Customizable admin level req.)
  • /WListRemove BLID - Remove's a BLID from the Whitelist. (Customizable admin level req.)
  • /WListSave filename - Saves the current WhiteList to the specified filename. (Host only.)
  • /WListLoad filename - Loads a WhiteList from filename if it exists. (Host only.)
  • /Whitelist - Shows the list of BLID's on the Whitelist. (Customizable admin level req.)
  • /WLHelp - Tell's you everything you need to know about how to use this mod. (Admin and up)

Console Commands:
  • WLO(); - Remotely toggle's on and off the Whitelist mod from the console.
  • WLA(BLID); - Remotely Add's a BLID to the Whitelist.
  • WLR(BLID); - Remotely Remove's a BLID from the Whitelist.
  • WLV(); - Prints a list of BLID's on the Whitelist to the Console.
  • $Whitelist::Level1 - Sets the Admin level requirement to add BLID's to the Whitelist.
  • $Whitelist::Level2 - Sets the Admin level requirement to remove BLID's from the Whitelist.
  • $Whitelist::Level3 - Sets the Admin level requirement to view the list of BLID's on the Whitelist.
Admin level requirement numbers:
1 - Admin 2 - Super Admin 3 - Host

If you have any suggestions, or comments, please comment or contact me through one of my users listed below. If you have a bug, you can also contact me or preferably send a bug report, thanks!

How to contact me:
  1. Through my RTB account (Avenger)
  2. Through my BL Forums account (Ipquarx)
  3. In-Game (Ipquarx, BLID 9291)
  4. IRC (The_Avenger)

Can't you just host a private server and irc the pass to the people you want to join?
Shadow The Hedgehog
(offtopic) Shadow, stfu

(ontopic) Cool 5/5
Fixer, They could tell others the password. Also, Shaddow has a reputation for being a penis on blockland and elsewhere.
Didnt work for me.
shadow go fuck off back to roblox!
what's the problem? if you can, maybey even submit a bug report.
For some reason this just seems a bit racist to me...
there's a blacklist too.
doesn't mean its racist, its just a name.
I assure you that the name has nothing to do with that.
@fixer yea, but it allows you to do it quicker
Yea i know its just, it just feels like it, i dont know why but it just does...
swat, if youve played on minecraft servers, youd find out some of them have a whitelist mod.

BTW PEOPLE: im going to upload version 2 of my mod, featuring:
RTB Prefs
more console commands, for remote managment.
less confusing commands
editable admin level requirements for each command

Just think of it like chess, black and white pieces. Its kinda like that except its who can join your server,
is it just a list? does it allow those certain people special privledges? Please add more info
blacklist == permabanlist

Did you even bother to read the description? it says that they can come to your server if your on the whitelist.
Allrighty, I updated the Whitelist mod to V2!
be sure to update as soon as possible, as it fixes a major bug.
Woot! sorry wanted to say it
but this can be useful
Um, why use this when you can just add a password to your server and tell everyone that you want coming the password?
I see uses for this, but I fear this will turn into the selective player B.S. that now ingulfs minecraft.
Leopard, read the comments. ALL of them.
I like this alot, plz mk luv to mah bunghole
OnTopic: been needing this, thanks 5/5
This will bring Blockland to hell.
then dont use it. this will not bring blockland to hell.
It won't work on LAN servers
This is fucking retarded....I cant join my favrite server and no one else can he dose not even have fucking IRC....He said he has RTB4
thats not my fault, if you dont like it, dont use it.
just use a freakin password +_-
Again, i say, read ALL of the comments, i just told leopard this.
if you're going to complain, think of the features first.
1. only SUPER ADMINS (default) can add or remove from the whitelist.
2. this whitelist does not change unless modified. (that means theres no password to remember, and nobody can give it away)
3. mod is only toggleable BY THE HOST (default) that means that only the host can deactivate the mod to let everyone in.

I'm [b:2lyq
guys if you had a password then people who know the pass word would just tell others what the password is. if you have the white list nobody but the people who are allowed can come. they can just beg all they want but only the host can disable it. so stop complaining.
This is a very cool add-on! I appreciate it that you spent the time to make it.
Thank you phoenix.
Okay, its been updated to v3, ive added optional saving and loading :D.
this is realy awesome and helpful thank goodness yoy made it 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10
It seems very usefull, its just that im not very selective about who joins my servers, I simply ask that you dont cuss. and for the idiots who join my server just to cuss like insane, i just ban them for a while. a couple hours most of the time.
I see ups and downs in this mod, for instance, alot of servers now will be unaccessable anymore, but it will also keep certain noobs out of games that will be ruined because of then.
well, i am currently working on a reserving slots mod, and that sounds just like what you're wanting.
my new host-only GUI (:O) is going to be complete soon! :D
Good way to keep badmins outta your server.
Rush Sniper
@Matt lol badmins.Like this one guy named "Real"?eah I admined him once.....He changed my servere....I murdered him then banned him
General Zombie
lol its all white
Doesn't work at all for me. I DLed it after v20 so maybe thats it? I doubt it, though.
Nice mod. After a bit of testing I finally got it working. In order for this mod to work, you must have it activated(/WLO), you must have added a player to the whitelist(/WListAdd BLID), and your server cannot be passworded. Also before shutting down the server it's a good idea to save the current whitelist, so you can load it when you restart. So many requirements :o. Still a good mod though. 5/5