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Pirate Decals

597 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Jirue

All of your favorite pirates from the classic Lego sets and/or RTB!
Steal some booty* or pose in the British empire!

This wonderful pack of mateys includes:
- British Officer
- British Soldier
- Female Pirate (Yellow/Pale skin)
- White Stripped Shirt
- Black Stripped Shirt
- Gold Vest
- Purple Vest
- Ragged Vest

See Kaje's Pirate Captain Chest Decal for an even more completed pirate pack! Also check out the Pirate Faces and other decals from the Classic Faces and Decals Pack!

*Yes, we mean that kind of booty ;)

Life of a pirate is allright for me! Nice add-on!
Why is the female pirat being a whore?... i thought female pirats were s'posed to be asshoels!
just kidding
Mr KitKat
am i really the first one to say this? ugh.
Better British Decals than what we already have.

5/5 Downloading!
inb4gaypirates. :3
I like the decals. Better than what I thought for pirates and british soliders.
Why is the female pirat being a whore?... i thought female pirats were s'posed to be asshoels!

Nope they were wh
Charge! :3

This is win. You got my DL.
because we all know pirates are your favorite
I luf u loang tiem
The british are coming, the british are coming!
Do what you want because a pirate is free, you ARE a pirate
give up your booty or suffer me matey!
Shadow The Hedgehog
a must have addon 9000!/1
blocko HD
Oh God thank you, I needed these BAD.
You are a pirate!
give up your booty or die! here. I MENT TREASURE addon: 5/5
add man
Perfect for your all of your booty looting, plunder savaging, british fighting needs.
Do i Have to be the first one to say this? ugh

ARGGGHH im captm jack sparrow! surrender your ship or go to Davy jones locker hahahahh!!! 10/10