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Glow Brick

1 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Curse

Hi Curse here.

Type /GbOn to turn it on /gbOff to turn it off

This mod makes the brick you are looking at, **TEMPORARILY** glow (useful for not destroying your builds on accident)

Hey I remember a suggestion for this, and now it's made! Yaey! 5/5
Oh sorry for double post, but I think if possible you should make it so it glows a little brighter than just the normal glow FX
yeah, but what if you already have a place where everything has the glow FX on it?
how are you gonna see the brick
Already seen this.
This has already been made... plus, hilight is
pretty much the same effect...
Green Blockhead
Your a faggot. This has already been made defaultly by Badspot. Also, I quit AoT for the so much grief it gives me.

fred da kiko
green blockhead. how the fuck do you do this exactly? you can't highlite 1 brick you fucking idiot
Green blockhead, your second statement is so fucking irrelvant. Also, your first statement is wrong. He made the glox FX, this does something you are too retarded to understand the actual purpose of.
Better then doing /duplicator, hitting the brick, and then being sure which one to destroy.

I just noticed that Green blockhead is flaming every addon... wow. Any ways gtfo green
if you hate the addon Green Blockland just stop playing blockland
Wait... Glow?? Isn't that the spray can...

Correct me if I'm wrong but this mod seems useless to me...
I mean if i really wanna make a brick glow... just spray it... takes longer to type /gbon (and i type fast...)

2/5 (Please edit desc of add-on if im wrong,)
Needs a bind or something.
fred da kiko
black dragon, this doesn't perminently make the brick glow. it is a command that highlites the brick you are looking at for a second. it is primarily used with round bricks due to their need of precise aiming.
wow your stupid

It makes the brick glow whereever your pointing so if you like wanding something you can see which brick it will hit
COOL! i looking for this to donot destroy my builds (i destroy the biggest tower that i have made) dimemsions: 64X64X700
I don't get the point of this to be honest. Ah well.
Green Blockhead
@ Breadboy, BobbyBox, 8890 and fred da kiko

Curse is a member of THC in Age of Time. Age of Time is such a grieful game. But other than that, do you really think I'd wait a million years for Curse, then probably forget because of the epic game this is?

Plus, we already have this weapon. For fucks sake, everyone is making addons we already have. This may be slightly different but it is still not needed. Glow is an FX for a Spraycan and this has obviously stole it. You guys are retards and your giving me cr
you are still wrong in your reasoning of this being stolen. I don't understand your first paragraph, either.
GreenBH, you obviously don't know what this does.
It's not the glow paint, think of it like the flashlight in the L4D games.
And while you're thinking about that, think about getting a brain, as well.
@ GBHthis just higlights the brick for a momment to be sure your not trying to delete one thing and delete a vital part insted
This just*
Could be usefull if it were a keybind. Right now, its inconvenient.
This mod is cursed!
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