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Zoge Face

188 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Supreme Guy

some dumb faces or something.

*Zoge with square eyes
*Zoge with round eyes
*Zoge with square eyes and hair
*Zoge with round eyes and hair

have fun.

William S
SECOND! Btw... 4/5 nice face! very funny =D
blocklandrocks S,

On topic,Nice,5/5,DLing
@William S - Why don't you go down to your home town (Roblox) and play your stupid games. Blockland is no place for a 4 year old. So just scoot along home, idiot.

@Supreme Guy - Aww, I love these faces. :D You should really make some more faces.
9/10 - Bit more blockish, perhaps?
William S
I just wanted to take a test... im sick of them too. so 2 users hate them... (records
You can talk. Your one of those noobs who can't accept both games are good. Oh, Blockland has tons of idiots who are 4 year olds. You probably say "how to change seats?" All the time. Go back to playing COD6, You squeaky little troll.

*the actual decal
Its... OK... Looks like some sort of zombie, If you ask me.
nixon , point made :P
Sort of freaky.
This caremel smells like peanut butter
On Topic: I think its pretty cool dude! 10/10
this is stupid, but the hair is nice
You're stupid. It's for his character thing that he made up.

Hey zog, lolol i r on ur addon, steelin ur comentz

Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
So that's what his avatar on the Blockland Forums is.
Aber Purchai
LOL I thought you were trying to say Zogre (zombie ogre)

I have no idea what Zoge is
Zoge The Troll?
LittleBigPlanet? or is it something else?
Supreme Guy
Just for anyone who's confused, "Zoge" is a sort of Original Character I've made up. I usually use him as my avatar on the Blockland forums and I've re-drawn him several times.

He is in no way connected to another game, cartoon or anything like that.

Also, thanks for the consructive critism, I have made another face pack (Horror faces) yet it has been pending approval by the Rtb mods for over two months.
LittleBigPlanet is the best game ever. In my opinion. Same /w LBP2.