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Minecraft Faces

14 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by MillCzarr

I know that, there not the exact replica of the actual minecraft faces... But, this is blockland. Were really not supposed to be putting other games's, actual materials in it.

The Minecraft Face Pack Comes with:
1. The close original minecraft figure face.
2. Brownish hair, boy face.
3. Greenish hair colored, boy face.
4. Brownish wavy hair, girl face.
5. Reddish hair colored, boy face.
6. Black haired, agent style, boy face.
7. Blone haired, wavy style, girl face.
8. Reddish style hair, with reddish styled beard, boy face.

Great for Minecraft themed builds!

a dude
comment: Epic, indeed Ninja ninja! i LOVE this pack!
idea: make the mouths black it fits the Block-o feel of BL and keeps the Power of Minecrafts Block-o
Rate: 9.4/10
Download?: YESS
Horrible, they doesn't even look minecraft'ish. Some faces doesn't even fit on the blockhead. 0.5/10
a dude
well,if you think about Kinda DOES suck...
but this is just a First try Possibley in V2 of this it would be better,mega bear and Exturde are right....THIS SUCKS for Minecraft,PLEASE try again Millczarr!
agreed. minecraft is... =# cant say it... AWESUM
No creeper? GTFO
The face colors arent solid,mix the shades for the hair together and it might work
What chobinhood and Mawpius said.
You forgot herobrine
Minecraft servers (real minecraft servers not freebuilds) are so epic i cant even use words to discribe it!
@chobinhhod: there was alredy a creeper face
Rawr, have you ever even played MineCraft? Well these faces are almost exactly the same! But only if there was a MineCraft playertype. OnTopic: Good, all what we need now is a minecraft playertype and form. 5/5
Meow cat
0.1/100000 offence intended this really SUCKS
Minecraft Sucks

That's WHY I'm Playing My Beta Version. ):
Now all we need is a Herobrine face to go with this! =)
Avik building artist
Dude, you should have made creeper faces and zombie pig faces 3/5
This mod SUCKS, but StevenBR, You have NEVER played BETA 1.0.0
Sorry for the double post, but somebody needs to make a Steve (original MineCraft Player) face and body.
-cosmic radiation-
you forgot the monster faces and shirts,like pigmen or creepers or zombies...
cosmic radiation@ If you want monster face, Theres a creeper face available. And even a creeper player.
Con-grate-jo-late-tens. You have completed the addon.
your score is 99.7/100
this ftw