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Kill Hider

2 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Greek2me

SLAYER USERS: This does not work with Slayer. Slayer has this by default - look at the Advanced tab.

Haven't you ever wished that no one could see who was killing who? Well, now that wish is reality! Introducing The Kill Hider!

  • Hides kill messages for the entire server
  • Hides suicide messages for the entire server
  • Can be enabled or disabled via RTB Prefs

Works great for Prison RPs and such where you want to quietly kill people without everyone going after you. Now, you have to SEE IT to believe it!

Space Guy: I used his support_specialkills script.

This is also good if you dont want the chat to be spammed with kills.
This is also good if you're making a movie with a killing in it.
I saw something about this on the forums. Thanks.
If only CityRPs used this, then it would be easier to be an assassin!
LOLmasta d3
if i was an assassin, i'd use this.

Cool Idea But it would be no use to me 5/5 though
Rambo teh pwnor
Thanks for doing my request :D
Yes, now I can do a trouble in Terrorist town sever.
Awesome Sniping now!
So the request went through.
Good job! Assasinations made easy
Cool!, now the people in the enemy team wont figure out I'm in they're base!
good for mofia RPG heh heh >:D
what the heck cooldude09456

If the enemy team is good then they will communicate in teamchat and tell eachother there's someone in the base.

OnTopic: This is great for when you have multiple targets you can assasinate one of their nearby teammates without as much worrie of them knowing your near them.

Amazing Idea having RTB prefs to keep it on just in case so you can always have in on the server.

Now if only there was a way to mute death sounds... then you could truely assasinate people without anyone knowing, unle
Sorry for double post but --

Is there a way to give every weapons enabled this options so you can make it so all weapons, or no weapons... or specifics show kills?

EX: Guns show kills but snipers & Butterfly Knives do not
I don't really want to or have time to do that right now. Also, it's goal is not to get rid of the sound, only the message. You only hear the sound if you are close enough, like normal.
Thanks for making this! I will use it in my Jail RP.
Won't people just tell others who killed them, If they spot the killer (Unless they have Killcam), And where? Maybe mute the player for a while?
@Nixon They won't if it's too swift or the killer was hidden. Or if you use TDM and set the lives to 1.
On Topic:It's simple, but great. I used it in my Nuclear Fallout server, so people wouldn't revenge kill and it works well.
You can still tell who's killing, because you get one 'point' for killing. No points for anything else.
Good for Jails.
I hate when I'm playing as a spy on a TDM or something and everyone sees that backstab. I want to kill quietly I say!
Wow, Greek2Me has great ideas!
Its perfect for realistic games.
I love it but it doesn't really help with the idiots that scream UGM U KELLED MEEEEE.

could you possibly make a muteondeath thing that mutes people for like 15 seconds after dying?
Great job!

I have a request, though. Could you make something that hides the notification when someone changes teams?
off topic: or hear them kill and dose this hide zombie kills

on topic: THIS IS AWSOME 10/10

No pix no clix i wanna see theres no message
just kidding :P
Gravity Squirrel
Where is the Hide kill message thing in the advanced tab in slayer
It is [Chat | Death Message Mode].
Gravity Squirrel
Danks :) Now i can have chainsaw terror on darklight >:D without players fucking me up