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Mail Script

2 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Chao

Ever want to share something secret with a friend? If you ever wanted to talk privately with someone, then this is your answer!

/mail [person] [subject] [message goes here]

RTB server prefs:
Toggling Mail - You can disable and enable mailing.

Added some Infomaniac tips.

Gothboy77 - Idea.

In v2:
I'm going to make a Compose Mail GUI. If you want to see what that GUI will look like, you can check out the ChaoScripts forum topic in the "Modification Disscusion" forum.

The Question
This makes things a lot easier.
Wait so i can msg anyone on Blockland or on the sever
yay even know im banned from irc! i can message someone! 5/5!
The message below me made me sorta lol.
Would be cool if there was a GUI and it was like E mail Blockland wide, not serverwide.
By the looks of it it's just the server.
Awesome, but is it server wide, or Global.
Its called GMail. :D
Mega Bear
Tested by Mega Bear ;D
Had a lot of fun watching you make this, Chao.
we already have whisper, but what the heck, got my dl
I loved helping with this. ;D

And Chao, you decided not to do the GUI for v1? Hahah. Thats ok, I still got the BETA version. with the GUI and all. I'll try to fix it up a little...
Double Toast:
For questionz: This MOD is server and client sided, so you can only "mail" to peeps on the server. It is not Global chat.
It is like whisper only better and shorter and more passific
isnstead or
/whisper (Name) (Message)
it is simply
/mail (Name) (Subject) (messgae)
mail is much shorter than whisper
ooooo make it so you can talk to mulible people at once
blocko, your being sarcastic
Mega Bear
Yeah, I still have the old version with the GUI in case you need a back-up.
Finaly its out. :D
The title threw me offThatll be nice if you could make a little event almost like prompt event but have it to were people can activate, leave a message, and hit ok so the owner can get mail.(rpg) Like a acual mail box or Email cache in a GUI. Its ok though. Now that i read it.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'll try to make most of them real.
Nice idea! Is it possible to have an event like "onActivate > Self > CheckMail" or something so you can make a mailbox rather than checking it anywhere?
IRC I think.
I'm with joey, Still DLing though.
I like rick's idea. I've seen it been done with variables before, though.
Maybe variables might come in handy modding it, though...
gaah, why do i keep saying though after everything
Please take screen shots or type out a demo if what the message looks like when it is received
well, this thing sent me somthin about (i dont realy read them often lol) so i went to it and usauly i say no pics no clix but
im clickin' lol (ok no reason why i said thins mostly XD)
@bran456man i ment this not thins lol
you should make a new mod that goes like this

you can type /setchatgroup (name) (name) (name) (name) (name) and so on

then you can type /chatg (message)

chatg mean chat group, this wwould make it easier to have a secret group and no oune can listen on your tactics, this is like team chat that you can edit for your self and does not require teams or a TDM gamemod i would give it a 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999/5 or more
Obi-Wan Kenobi
man i wish i didnt have to download this twice
Make it so that if someone messages someone els the host can see the message.