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Player Brick Limit

1 KB, 15 years ago, submitted by Chrono

With this you can limit how many bricks each player can plant.
/AdjustLimits BrickLimit AdminLevel
Brick limit at -1 means infinite. (This cannot bypass Demo limit)
Admin levels: Player = 0, Admin = 1, SuperAdmin = 2, Host = 3.
Admin level allows those with higher ranks of power bypass the limit. (Cannot bypass demo limit) Set to 4 to force brick limit on all players.

Allows the use of RTB Server Control to adjust settings.

Bonus: Brick count is displayed when you plant bricks.

To scripters: Feel free to use the GameConnection::getAdminLevel function.

I tried it, I would of liked it if the brick count did not keep showing on the screen each time you plant a brick.
What's wrong with that? It's off to the right side of the screen. It's nice to know how many bricks you're using sometimes.
Actually, this is useful for my "What can you make with # bricks?" servers! Five stars for an excellent mod!
Next: Toyboxes to refill bricks?
Count Bleck
this is stupid i aint downloadin this is outrageuos what next
auto matic server closer after a certain amount of minutes without a player or maybe food that eats is self or a crash button so you can crash servers on a bases really plz you are releiveing blocklanders of there building skill i cant beleive this i have said this once and ill say it again its outrageous
plz you can make sure ppl cant build i would like this if you could coose who can and cant build i dont like this mod so
plz remove it i cant
Count Bleck
you Can't* make ppl not build
I feel sorry for you. You spent all that time ranting, and it was all for nothing.
You don't have to download it, and people rarely use it. Don't sweat over it.
Count Bleck
and btw that add on is like bringing back the demo!!!!!

I've been hosting a spam server that lets players spam bricks! This is great, because it means I can let people spam 150 bricks each and not over do it. Good job!
I like this addon....its good for zombie survivals when you dont want people using too many bricks to build somthing.

That way they need to be creative.
This stops anyone from building on my server... Even me... No matter WHAT i do!!!
Umm I need a Addon That Makes Unlimited Vehicals.