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ZSNO's Misc Lights

2 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by ZSNO

This light pack includes the following lights:

  • Orange Hazard Light
  • Yellow Hazard Light
  • Fast Strobe Light
  • Flickering Red Light
  • Flickering Yellow Light
  • Flickering White Light
  • Flickering Dim Light
  • Rainbow Light
  • Candle Light
  • Red Alarm
  • Green Alarm
  • Yellow Alarm
  • Blue Alarm
  • Purple Alarm
  • Cyan Alarm
  • Orange Alarm
  • White Alarm
  • Plane Strobe White
  • Plane Strobe Red
  • Plane Strobe Yellow
  • Plane Strobe Green
  • Plane Strobe Blue
  • Plane Strobe Cyan
  • Plane Strobe Purple
  • No Flare White
  • No Flare Streetlight
  • Streetlight

If you would like to request any lights for the next pack, please do!

Cool 4/5
You can never have enough lights :D
You get a 5/5 from me. :)
Niliscro is right. You can never have enough lights. =)
You can never have enough lights :D

EDIT: Why do you have to delete an add-on for this to work? Or mabey I acccidentally delted my file when I put iot in my folder. Thanks, I'll look into re-downloading t
Umm... You need moar lights. Add a dark light if you would.
Thats already in a different pack?
I have a request. Make a light that goes all the way around in red, yellow, and blue
Count Bleck
*lighting* as my request
Sorry, its impossible to my knowledge to make a light go all the way around, for light movement, you say the starting coordinates, and the ending corridnates. There are no middle cooridnates.
you should make a dark light, so when you go near it it pulls in light, so it makes the room darker
@ joey there's already a Dark light
Evo Chief
You can use relays and veriables to make them do a 360.
I may need a 3 flash light, then a short delay then 3 bursts again.
if there already is a darklight then where is it?
You need to add pictures to it. This will help you get about 60% more downloads or so.
I agree with Sephiroth, needs pics
These are great, but I don't understand the alarms.
the south-to west alarm for example is for an upper corner light rooftop corner maybe
thats what i think anyways so that light ant escape the room so much..........
Just noticed:
I think this was the first RTB3 ADDON o,o

Anyways, EPIC.
Perhaps you could make lights that fade? Liek, slowly fading off and on, to add a ghostly effect to builds.
Small?!? It's the biggest light pack i've seen..
The file will make its way into my folder

Edit: Police light please
@ evo cheif

dude, just eventing one takes like a minute with relays, and may take 3 minutes with variables. this takes only a second to add. -_-
make a sort of alarm light that shines in one direction and turns around and around
Love these, it needs a Fire A and Fire B light, Fire A being more rapid change in lighting and B being slower both brighter than the candle light.

The candle light should also have a second version that dosent flicker on and off but lighter and darker.
Need a spot light for shows.
Mega Bear V2
Been looking for flickering dim lights. Thank you very much.
Yay flicker lights for my L4B2 build! I can use them for my lights. thanks 10/10
you should add the black light its good for caves.
How about a normal street ligt and a bright street light.
Flying Dutchman
yes!!!! thank you for the negative light!i needed one
Win. Epic win.
Coolius Dudeius
Uhh, why is there a red alarm?
That's default. >_>
Im guessing you didnt even TRY and use the pack, its a different alarm than the default one.
Coolius Dudeius
I tried it, and yes, it's different.
Ignore my last post.
Sora K
This may be realy dificalt or impossibel but can you make a light that like any other light but dosent pass trough a brick for exampel i think its wierd when some has a light in a house and it has tha glow around it when your outside can you get rid of it will not light up unless your in the house next to the light
@ Sora K
That would have to do with Blockland the game itself, not my light pack
Would it be possible to make and Anti-Light as in a light, that makes darkness?
Can you please read, I already have that in the pack >:|
Not sure if this qualifies as a Light, but possibly a light that doesn't show up when looked at, but Illuminates(similar to destructlight) players, or, in combonation with the setlight mod, a light that only illuminates the player holding it? Hopefully you get my idea..
There is already a lightpack like that, it is called "Ambient Light Pack"
Did you make any of these? Ive seen all of these before, but not together.
Wow you really think I DIDN'T make these? I mean if I didn't it wouldn't have gotten approved on RTB.
of he made them, well most of them at least
hase anyone seen the vertical/horizontal spotlights?
Nice seemingless bottomless pit!
Did you use negative lights for that?
(ontopic) Nice! 5/5
Ontopc: Nice!
Offtopic: Oooo, Handrails for a change.
I like these lights. Alot.
Rush Sniper
@mitterdoo,Well who doesnt? XD
the pic reminds me of portal :P
on the other hand i like the lights. 5/5
I have a question. Is it possible for someone to make a revolving light?
The Epic Man
@firestorm i think you can do it with events only until someone makes an add-on called "Revolving Light"
@firestorm, that's easy to make with script/events.

With script, just use the script from another light pack that has moving emitters, instead use the light and focus it on an area(flashlight script involved)

With events, just use the directional events. Not a bad idea though, not a bad idea at all.