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Auto SaveLoad

3 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by McTwist

Saves the bricks when quits server correctly.
Then loads the bricks when loads the server.

- Servers that goes down and up at least once a day.

Not useful
- Non-dedicated server where the host still can load the latest save faster, and choose what save.

Currently this does ONLY work on a dedicated server where the user is the host!

Includes a modified version of DediSave by Randy. All approved.

Hmm doesn't seem to work right...
or does it only save when the dedicated server quits and/or crashes?

if so then it is missing an auto save function that saves every 10 mins...
and the autosave should save it as "autosave"
It saves when server quit. If it crashes, it wont.
The autosave you're writing about could be added later as a chosable option. I have the script ready for it, but I'm currently not available.
Otherwise, there is plenty of people that have already made an autosaver, so it is easy to make one yourself.
When I did this, all the sounds converted to light on. 3/5
@ Teaqu Its a silent save it saves but it doesnt tel you check in teh consle

2/5 Door sounds turn in to lights on plz fix that
It's amusing that I'm using a default function that is built in the game made by Badspot himself, and that this actually worked perfectly in later versions. Don't blame me. Blame Badspot for breaking it for you.
Luke C
this is my favorite mod of yours yet
one thing: makes it so that you can't do the tutorial. 2/5.
WOW this is great now i can use this so when i crash i wont be so pissed off :D witch happens alot to me :( lol but great 5 boobs out of 5
Confetti King
How do you even make a Dedicated Server?