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Particle - Candle

1 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by killerwhale

Kaje's old candle light and emitter. The emitter is a candle flame when on a 1x1 brick and the light flickers like a candle.

the fire is too small and youve putten them on gey bricks on screenshot 3/5
@ Dannu : Just because he wanted to make a quick screeny on red 1x1's doesn't make the add-on bad, so STFU and think before you say that kind of thing.
@ creator : Though it's a repost, pretty neat.
Mega Bear V2
This'll come in handy! 5/5!
use with the bar bricks(skinny cicular ones) for best effect ;)
Why do the bricks even matter? They actualy look like real candles in that picture.

Thank you for posting this. I saw this on a server one and have been unable to find it since. I think it is a fantastic add-on.

If you read this, I'd like to say you did Blockland a huge favor by making this. This particle is probably one of the most usefull add-ons out there, right up there with the Swiss Army Gun and the Duplicator (please not I did not say coolest; there are plenty of high-powe
Dannu has just lost the game.
2 things to say: (1.) 4/5 stars, and will be great for my birthday cake on blockland! (2.) Killer, you failed xD
ooooo ahhhh HEY GUYS what you doin? oooo ahhhh what? oooo ahhhh ....
Use a Red 1X1 with a 1x1F black brick on top
Nutshell Hero

Does it show an image?
Nutshell Hero
Oh, no it doesn't. Cool emitter though!