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Smiley Edit

20 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Snipe838

Today (Thursday, April 8, 2010) I was looking through my decals in the addons folder for ideas.
I found the normal smiley. I thought it was old and boring so I looked through other decals.
Then I found that colorful one. The one with the pink & green eyes. And so I mixed them up and this happened.
I made a great smiley edit!

Well, Hope you like it!
If you want me to edit another face just send me a private message.

Please rate & comment!

Hope you like my decal! And I'm also looking for someone that knows how to make scripts. I made an awesome design of a GLOCK 18 pistol. But I don't know how to make 3D animations and I don't know how to make scripts. So please help me.
Ok, I want to tell you guys something, these edits are ok, but, please make custom decals.
Their harder to make, but they turn out alot better.
its good but the mouth stands out compared to the eyes .. which are just black
nice you could off may be done a bit more but for them i think they are really good
Maybe next make the eyes blue, green, or brown.
The eyes were supposed to be black!!!
Black Ranger
Hi Snipe Its Me Howd You Make That?
Now he has an Inside to the mouth!
Now we need the eyes colorful (both eyes the same color)

I aprove this comment.