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Star Trek Decals

20 KB, 14 years ago, submitted by John1701

In this pack there are four prints:

One Next Generation Uniform

Two Original Series Uniforms


One Star Trek Enterprise uniform

They are all transparent.

4/5 nice work they look pretty good :) im not reallt a star trek fan but I will find another use for these im sure sometime down the road.
Hey, Sweet 5/5 also, they might be in a movie of mine :3
But i never download decals cause none can see then anyway exept if they downloaded it.
Finnaly, people if you download this you will be able to be in my Star Trek Movie (Later this year) And you will be able to join my server with epixness.

sounds cool. any chance that my clan ships could be included in them. BTW do you play star trek online?
John1701 can you make startrek voyger decals?
I dont like Star Trek
i love star trek so does my dad and all my friends that are boys
@kyle95 wadda you mean you dont like star trek!!! star trek is awesome!!!!
ontopic: great, but i dont download decals because they dont show up on my avatar options list
I love Star Trek, but I only watch The Next Generatoin series.

Technically speaking, Star Trek is responsible for the inspiration that lead to modern-day inventions that we take for granted (eg: cell phone, Ipod, laptops). Think about it. It's okay if you dislike it (I can respect that), but if it wasn't for Star Trek, there's a good chance we would never even have Blockland. Or computers, for that matter.
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