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Whisper script

1 KB, 13 years ago, submitted by Deriboy

Type /whisperhelp ingame for instructions.

Type /whisper [target] [message] to whisper to someone.

Admins can enable it with /enablewhisper or disable it with disablewhisper.

Basically this is another PM mod?
First off, you could have made the whisper command a little shorter for convenience, and secondly you could have made the /enableWhisper and the /disableWhisper in one command, like /toggleWhisper.
This is good, but could have been better.
Keep in mind that this is my first publicly released script please. I could have used /toggle, but I diddn't have to, right?
You did not need to use toggle. I like it
Wasnt this posted on BL forums by another guy?
I've seen this before...
Oh well...useful tool
someone posted this in blockland forums too
We could just use the IRC, but ill download anyway...
And if the target does not HAVE IRC? Stfu MeMan! D:

Anyways, epicness! I know on some servers you could just say !(Target) (message)
Blazer, DeriBoy just edited it so its easier, instead of putting a !, he made it a /, very easily done, and its techniqually not his script, so he should give credit to the person who made it.
A Twig
I have the ! whisper mod but i realy cant find it anywhere Now, same thing for other mods i got i keep those things. This if you dont have the "!namehere hey man" whisper mod then this could be a substitute..
How is this not my script? I made it from scratch. When I made it, I had no clue that the ! thing existed or whatever.
Ever since the /whis system went... i haven't seen any whisper mods yet...

Well until this one...

Anyways thanks a ton... sometimes whipsering is VERY nessesary... mainly if the person you want to talk to doesn't have RTB
@A Twig,
Same here

Anyway, this is pretty good.
Mino Paco
Yay, you brought it back!
YAY this is usefull for ppl who cant download admin chat or for gangs on city rp's 5/5 stars
S7UFF 1T N003
Haven't used it yet, but betting it will be very useful for conversations between friends.
yay 5/5, been looking for this mod
This is good for when your in an RPG, and your freind is in jail, and you can't talk to them.
Cool...! psst, hey dude! psst...