The Rivera Genesis is a 2021-remastered of one of the first cars I had in high school: The 1995 Ford Crown Victoria. It's a very simple design that is packed with multiple fun features!

Including, but not limited to:
  • 4 Variants: Default, PI (Police Interceptor), Taxi, and Donk

  • CVS Categories: Body, BodyTop (Taxi and Default Only), Front, Back, Hood, Roof, Trunk, Glass (Default Only), Pushbar

  • Engine Sound Support

  • Randomized Taxi Advertisements (Not Dependant on CVS)

  • Shift-Brick Donk Hydraulic Controls (See keymap below)

  • Shift-Brick Police Controls: Bullhorn, Siren, Yelp, and Wail

  • Horn Support - Mouseclick to honk/use bullhorn!

  • If using default brick controls, I have made a keymap for how you can use the hydraulics on the Donk variant. If supershift is enabled, the set you toggle will bounce.

    Requires both Support_Garage and Support_EngineSounds to work properly!