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Brutalion Challenger

1.71 MB, 3 years ago, 52 downloads, 147 views, by NightHawk

The American Favorite remastered back in 2018, has finally been released with new 2021 technology and optimizations!

  • Two Variants from 1970, and 2008

  • 2008 Model comes with CVS parts that can mimic the recently known Hellcat

  • CVS Categories for Front, Rear, Side, Hood, Roof, Decals/Stripes, Faceplates, Spoilers and Trim (1970 Only)

  • New and Improved 2021 looks!

  • Turn Signals; use shift-brick left, down, and right for all sets of turn signals!

  • Functioning Lights

  • Engine Sound Support - Ripped from both Vehicles from NFS Carbon

  • System Requirements

    Support_Garage - Allows you to customize both Challenger variants (Will not execute without it)
    Support_EngineSounds - Allows you to hear the Engine Sounds from both Variants (Optional, but Recommended)

    Version 2.1.7 (2022-01-30 18:59:35)

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