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Polus Estate

2.59 MB, 2 years ago, 44 downloads, 126 views, by NightHawk

The Polus Estate brings one of the finest 1-Ton Wagon and Sedans from Sweden; one of the first from them to come to Blockland: The Volvo 850 and V850 Estate. This mod packs a whole bunch of features, including the newly introduced support mod: Engine Sounds!

  • 4 Variants: 2 Normal for the Wagon and Sedan, Plus 2 more for Police Variants

  • Shift Brick Car Controls: Use shift brick left and right for turn signals, and shift brick down (numpad 5) for hazards; Press shift brick toward (Numpad 2) for Police Sirens

  • Livery wrap swapping via Custom Vehicle Support(Police Variants Only)

  • Functioning headlights with light key, brakelights, and reverse lights

  • Engine Sound: For the first time in BL history, thanks to Buddy and Conan for developing, a gear-changing pitch-modulated engine sound can be heard when driving the vehicle based on your maxWheelSpeed

  • Engine Startup and Cutoff sound effects

  • Engine Support does not interfere with /stereo

  • Requires Support_EngineSounds and Support_Garage

    Version 1.3.6 (2021-09-06 01:56:53)
    Great vehicle.

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