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SWep default skin pack

149 KB, 3 years ago, 49 downloads, 172 views, by TheArmyGuy

!! Needs Swollow's SWeps base to work: !!
If you are one of 7 people who downloaded the pervious version uploaded yesterday, please remove weapon_swep_defaultskins from your add-on folder.
A set of 9 default-style reskins for the base SWep weapon back by Swollow.
This pack works alongside the normal SWep pack, does not overwrite any of the original weapons, and requires the base SWep pack in order to function.
A list of reskins added by this pack:
Pistol -> Default Pistol
SMG -> Default SMG
Revolver -> Default Revolver
DB shotgun -> Default DB shotgun
Combat Shotgun -> Default Pump Shotgun
Assault rifle -> Default Assault Rifle
AK-47 -> Default Battle Rifle
Lever rifle -> Default Rifle
LMG -> Default LMG
Ammo small -> Default Ammo Small
Ammo medium -> Default Ammo Medium
Ammo heavy -> Default Ammo Heavy
Ammo magnum -> Default Ammo Magnum
Ammo shotgun -> Default Ammo Shotgun
!! Needs Swollow's SWeps base to work: !!

Version 1.0.0 (2020-08-13 09:47:05)

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