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3.37 MB, 1 year ago, 45 downloads, 188 views, by Cordax


Includes: Paper, Notepad, Top Secret File, Envelope, Petition, File, and Warrant.

Fully editable paper items. Text edited is saved when you drop them and is persistent for other players who have the addon

"/savedoc" saves documents similar to savedup
"/alldocs" list all previously saved documents
"/cleardocs" clears all documents dropped on the ground (they don't respawn)

Check description.txt for formatting/ editing tips!

This addon has custom GUI. For any other players on your server to view/ access item_documents, they must install this addon.

Commissioned by Cordax
Code by Eagle517
Models by Radio Star & Cordax

Version 1.0.1 (2023-04-29 16:08:13)

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